The living room is one of the most used spaces of the house and is also the place which people get carpeted. Carpets can be very stylish and fancy and also expensive. But did you know how much dirt these carpets hold, which can be very harmful to every family member? They can not be cleaned thoroughly by vacuum cleaners, but they require professional carpet cleaning extraction teams. Here are the reasons and causes for how your carpet gets dirty and its consequences.

Grease and Dirt

Every day, the greasy residue of your apartment’s interiors and pets, are carried in from outside and settles in on your carpet. This deposit clings and “locks in” as dirt to the fibres of your carpet. This dirt may affect the colour of your carpet over time and can be exacerbated. If left unchecked, this can result in unsightly traffic lanes that can become permanent.

Sandy Soil

If you’ve ever gotten near to your carpet and divided the pile, then you might have been surprised to discover a sandpit of dust in your carpet that household cleaners can’t reach. This dirt is typically not apparent, but it grinds your carpet and upholstery away when you walk or sit on them.

Bad for People with Asthma

Carpets could become inhabited with allergens, whose faeces can cause respiratory problems and trap allergy-inflaming proteins that have been linked to asthma, eczema, and rhinitis flare-ups. Quite frequently, individuals are looking for an answer to their problems, and the problem might be just beneath your feet. This can be a significant health concern for people who are allergic to the environment. Dirty carpets can cause significant health concerns in otherwise healthy people.

Eating on carpets

Although you may not believe your carpets are unclean, individuals freely admit dropping food on the carpet and consuming it. If your carpets are filthy, consider what you are taking into your tummy. Forget about the five-second rule. Bacteria may live in carpets for up to four weeks, but if there is any in yours, and that’s likely, that bacteria will get on your meals.

Shoes on the carpet

The majority of individuals admit to stepping on their carpets while wearing outside shoes. This not only drags dirt inside the house, but it also crushes it all into the carpets, which vacuuming alone would not remove. It is also typical for people to rearrange furniture to conceal marks in their carpets instead of cleaning the spots. Spills must be cleaned up right once to avoid the formation of stains. If there are stains, stop moving your furniture.

Dirtier than a toilet seat

The carpeting may be an excellent choice for house flooring. It provides warmth and comfort, and it feels nice on bare feet. However, the amount of traffic it sees tends to become rather filthy over time. It’s a bacterial hotspot that may be thousand times more filthy than your toilet seat, and it can also house a variety of species.

Skin Flakes

Every day, you lose over a million skin flakes on average. Compound that by the number of people in your house, and remember that those flakes must go someplace—and that is usually down into the ground, at which flakes skewer between carpet threads. While that is disgusting, the actual issue is that those particles become food for dust mites, and dust mite faeces is one of the leading causes of indoor allergies.

Carpet cleaning extraction teams thoroughly clean your carpet with precision, ensuring that it is like a new one. One should get their carpet cleaned at least three to four times a year.


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