Digitized files are a fantastic innovation that is also a necessary component of any successful organization. As technology continues to modernize, we’ve been provided with easier and more convenient options to handle office documents and files. People have learned to utilize internet fax services, electronic messaging, and of course, document digitization. Before the invention of the computer, you had to manually enter every word into the typewriter, which could only produce a hard copy version of your file. Today, you may type and send everything you need using various file types, such as Word, PowerPoint, and PDF documents, depending on your needs.

The significant increase in the number of individuals who utilize digital files has also resulted in developing another breakthrough known as web-based editor tools. The GogoPDF service is an example of an online tool. This tool offers a wide range of services, all of which have remarkable qualities. Other than that, here are web-based applications that would help boost your productivity. 

GogoPDF Online PDF Tool

Many years ago, we used hard copies of files for all of our transactions and activities at the place of employment. However, in today’s society, things have significantly altered. With the development of technology, computing devices, and the internet, we can now digitally handle data and save it on paper. However, even though technology has made our lives easier in so many ways, there are still certain negatives to using it.

But don’t be concerned any longer! The use of file managers can make managing computer files a lot less complicated. File conversion is one of the services that file managers provide. It is essential to convert your file for it to be suited for the task at hand. Online solutions such as GogoPDF are a fantastic platform for this type of work. It can convert your PDF files to various other formats, including PPT, PDFA, Excel, and PDF to PNG and Word.

If you believe that GogoPDF is just capable of file conversion, you are mistaken. It includes various tools that could help you with your file management needs. Furthermore, it can compress files to minimize their size, fix damaged files, unlock and lock files to ensure their security, and edit, rotate, and apply watermark to PDFs, among other things. All of these features are contained within a single platform, resulting in an all-in-one PDF tool.


As previously stated, communication is a critical part of every organization’s success. Therefore, while writing letters or preparing reports, the message you are trying to express must be clear and easily understood by the recipient. Grammarly is the most effective tool for helping us communicate clearly through our written outputs.

Grammarly assists us in avoiding grammatical errors so that we may give a coherent message. Using this method will also help us ensure quality in our output and impress our superiors and managers. Language checker Grammarly evaluates everything about your work, including the punctuation, grammar, and spelling mistakes, and makes suggestions for better words to make your work clearer and more persuasive.

Because it checks your work in real-time as you write, you can also spot any faults in your work almost immediately as they occur. You may also incorporate Grammarly into your Microsoft Word application, eliminating the need to visit the Grammarly website only to double-check your work. It can also protect you from being accused of plagiarism as it has a plagiarism checker that ensures that your work is original.

Google Meet

Communication is critical in any company because it allows people to work together. It is essential to the success of any organization. However, because we are under lockdown and cannot discuss significant issues with our coworkers in person, it isn’t easy to communicate with others and exchange ideas. However, the game is not yet over! The solution to this problem is Google Meeting.

This is a video conferencing software that enables users to meet in real-time over the internet. It is the most effective video conferencing technology available today because it can have a virtual meeting with up to 100 participants simultaneously. Even better, the best part about it is, it is entirely free! This means that you will be able to take advantage of their services without having to spend anything. As a result, this is a beautiful tool for small enterprises that are just getting started.

Another advantage of this platform is its level of security. You can ensure safety when using Google Meet as the only people invited can join the video conference. Also, when attending the conference, you have the option of changing your background to make it appear more formal. Reporting is further made easy because it has a feature that allows you to present your work using their screen sharing service.


The online applications on this list are merely a small representation of the enormous contribution that technology has made to making our planet a better place. These tools are valuable at work and may also be applied in a variety of other sectors. Furthermore, they assist us in completing our activities without expending excessive effort.


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