We all have grown up writing essays and autobiographies at our schools. Teachers used to give the topic of their choices and we had to create the required word count in the essay. Writing an essay could be really tough and sometimes it can become boring as well. Isn’t that so? 

But do you know there is a type of essay that is informative yet tricky to write and an individual becomes keener while creating such an essay! 

Let me tell you about it! 

These types of essays are called the Analytical essays and their basic target is to elaborate every single detail of something. The explanation must be done bit by bit so the thinking and understanding processes must be enhanced. The analytical essay mostly revolves around how the writing piece was or how was the film.

While writing an analytical essay, your main goal is to present any claim about the thing that you have analyzed. This type of complex essay goes beyond the general one and while writing an analytical essay, you are not bound by the format. You have to create as many statements as you can to prove your argument. 

But do remember, an analytical essay is not written to convert the thoughts of the reader! You must not be forcing your analysis into the mind of others. Just prove the strength of your statements.

That’s the whole game! 

Are you struggling to write an excellent piece of analytical essay and couldn’t create one?

Not a big deal, here I am with an easy 5 steps guide.

In this guide, I have broken down the complicated method of writing an analytical essay into smaller easier chunks. By following these baby steps, you would be able to come up with an outstanding answer to “essay writing” for sure. 

Pick the topic:

When you are about to write an analytical essay, the main thing is to pick an excellent topic. If you are assigned with the one for your assignment, then well and good and if not then choose the right topic for your analytical essay. 

Here you have to choose the topic that could help you to analyze the main theme. Make sure to come up with a topic that could help you in creating a convincing essay. 

Craft a thesis statement:

Soon after deciding a topic, you have to create a thesis statement. The statement of your thesis must be powerful enough to help the reader in getting the complete idea of what you are about to analyze or what the entire essay is revolving around. 

An analytical essay is all about proving a statement with the help of other shreds of evidence so, ensure to relate the whole essay with the thesis of the topic. You can also take the help of the best thesis writing service for outstanding thesis statements. 

Develop great notes:

Once you are done with the struggle of deciding a topic, it is time to develop some short notes and to find your main points for the analytical essay. Here, I would recommend you craft a list and mention every single idea in that about your essay and topic. 

You can elaborate every pain point per paragraph. Do not mention such points in your list that cannot relate back to your thesis statement and essay. 

Show up with great research and support:

Now, when you have prepared your pain points, search for the pieces of evidence and support of your analytical essay. If your essay revolves around a text or a film, then go through the newspapers and clips as they are great resources for the evidence. 

You can also make the use of such evidence and proofs that we use for the research paper. To make your essay one of the strongest, you must bring evidence for each claim. It will make your essay shout out its statements a lot more loudly. 

Put it all together and compose the essay:

Done with all the research? Here your writing skills come in handy. Put everything together and start composing your essay. You have to create an introductory paragraph that must end with a thesis statement. By combining your evidence and analysis, create the body of the essay and back up your claims together. 

Wrap your analytical essay by giving a concluding paragraph. This parting shot must possess a summary of the thesis statements and all the main analytical points.


This short and comprehensive guide to write an analytical essay would help you to come up with an outstanding and strong essay so far. Make sure to use strong evidence to support every claim and argument of your analytical paper. The thesis statement is always a must so ensure to make it the most powerful one! You can also give a read to other examples and samples of analytical essays to get more proper ideas. 


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