Neon lights are excellent branding techniques that businesses use to announce their arrival. There are a plethora of benefits from establishing a neon sign. With the advent of multiple trends, people have started using neon signs in their homes, bars, clubs, and in some cases, even workplaces. Custom Neon Signs are excellent tools to help something stand out. They are energy efficient and are also reasonably priced. The fact that they are customisable to one’s liking makes them popular. This factor makes for a very lucrative purchase. This article will focus on understanding the various benefits and applications of neon signs. 

Features and Benefits

Whether a homeowner, a bar owner, a club manager, or a business owner, it is vital to have messages that stand out. Business owners traditionally used neon signs to stand out from other businesses. The lighting combined with one’s brand makes for a unique upsell. Here are the most common features and benefits of having a neon sign. 

i) Easy installation – The first and foremost benefit is how easy it is to install. Neon signs are composed of sealed gas tubes filled with inert gas. These tubes are flexible, implying that they can be bent to the shape one desires. Skilled artisans often find it easy to deliver a custom design. 

ii) Attractive – It is undeniable that neon signs are attractive. They add an overall aesthetic to the building or wall. The luminous nature of the Neon Sign makes a unique addition to the establishment. It grabs the attention of everyone nearby. This factor is highly beneficial, especially to business owners. It is advantageous as it helps in attracting customers.

iii) Long Lasting – Neon Signs are highly durable. With proper maintenance and care, they can last up to 10-12 years. As opposed to traditional lighting, these lights last longer and shine brighter.

iv) Glow-in-the-Dark – As mentioned earlier, bars and clubs often use neon signs in their establishments. One can attribute this to the luminous nature of the lights. Neon Signs shine bright and are seen evidently during the nighttime. This feature helps small-time establishments gain much more popularity and helps them attract customers at night. 

v) Highly Customisable – Neon Signs are customisable to almost any extent. Neon is an element that is abundant in nature. It is a very cost-effective choice opted by people. Since they are flexible tubes, one can customise them to almost anything desired. This feature is excellent for homes or workplaces.

History and Applications 

As mentioned earlier, the traditional use for neon signs was advertising. Neon signs have been in existence since the early 1920s. Times Square, New York, is one of the places that modernised the use of such signboards. Over time, people have started using these signs for a wide variety of applications. 

i) Homes – Homespaces are the locations custom neon signs are trending in. People find small messages of attraction. They decide to customise the message into a neon sign for their homes. This factor makes for an excellent addition to their homes.

ii) Art – Art is another prominent industry where these signs come in handy. Be it the film industry or photography, good lighting is essential. Neon signs make for excellent sources of light because of their luminous nature.

Neon Signs are one of the trending commodities today. They are excellent sources of light and have a versatile range of applications. The fact that they are highly customisable make them a lucrative pick in today’s scenario.


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