Both, group classes and individualized tutoring are helpful when preparing for standardized testing. But choosing between the two is all about your personal preferences and budget.    

Are you contemplating education at a US university? If yes, get prepared to ace the SATs and the ACTs. These are coachable tests, meaning structured preparation can help raise your score. That said, what about the type of preparation? Both group classes and individualized tutoring are helpful, though, which one is right for you? Let’s give you five factors to consider for educated decisions. 

  1. What’s your score

First things first, what’s your score level. If it’s anywhere between 60 and 90 percentiles, group classes from the best international school in Kuala Lumpur make perfect sense. The group study sessions are tailored to these score levels, presenting information quickly and covering more challenging topics. On the other hand, individualized tuitions ensure more personalized instructions suitable for the lower end of the percentile spectrum. The information is presented at the pace you feel comfortable with, covering fundamental concepts more elaborately.          

  1. How good are you with meeting deadlines

In a group class environment, traits like discipline and the ability to meet deadlines matter. Or else, you’ll struggle to keep up with the homework assignments. Students regularly with their projects are positioned to steer the classroom discussions to their requirements. On the contrary, individualized tutoring works best for students who fail to deliver assignments on time. You are assured of individualized attention to help bring you up to speed quickly.         

  1. What’s your level of self-awareness?  

As an SAT/ACT aspirant, you must know what exactly hinders or helps you. Group classes teach this self-awareness, helping you hit the ground running. The tests’ structure is laid bare, allowing you to understand what skills or information you lack and need to acquire. On the contrary, individual coaching is a shot in the arm for students well aware of their strengths and failings. With one-to-one instruction, a non-self-aware student is likely to require more time and effort than someone aware of what he/she wants to learn.    

  1. Do you like a collaborative atmosphere?  

The best international school in Kuala Lumpur ensures a collaborative atmosphere in group-based test preps. Here’s your opportunity to work with fellow students, hone your skills, device workable test preparation strategies, and develop a healthy competition for that extra push to ace the test. Plus, in a classroom environment, you know that every fellow student faces the same stress of preparation as you. It can have a calming effect on you, keeping you suitable for the long haul. But all this is sorely missing when you opt for individualized tutoring.       

  1. How much can you invest?  

Finally, it all boils down to your budget. Group-based test preps present an economical way to prepare for the SATs and ACTs. Students at first opting for a low-priced group class to raise their self-awareness, and then going for individualized tutoring is a common sight. That way, the required number of one-to-one instruction sessions is reduced. On the other hand, you are required to invest heavily in personalized help associated with individualized tutoring.


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