Monograms have now started to become more and more popular and very stylish parts of people’s day to day lives. From luggage to bath towels to luggage to stationery, and now, even to monogrammed blazer buttons, modern men and women alike are falling in love with monograms as unique and fun ways to customize different goods in their lives. In this world where almost everything and anything is mass-produced and look almost the same, monograms provide a means of exceptionally creative individualization.

When you speak of monogramming it is basically the process where an item is marked in a stylish way with the initials of a person, couple, or company. A personal monogram offers a practical purpose and that is to easily identify the owner. More importantly, a monogram most often serves a decorative purpose as it lets the owner send a message about his or her personal style.

Specifically as far as blazer buttons are concerned, monograms can send a message that the person who gave the gift knows the recipient well. If you have a lot of tasteful monogrammed blazer buttons on hand, you will be able to convey a message regarding your own personal taste and sense of style each and every time you give these buttons away as gifts.

With the extensive variety of monogram colors and styles, you will be able add your own elegant and personal touch to blazer buttons and almost anything else you can think of. 

If this is your first time to order monogram blazer buttons or you are not really that familiar with monograms at all, below are several frequently asked questions about monograms with their corresponding answers. 

What is the proper order for a person’s initials in a monogram?

The person’s last name’s initials must be in the middle and the first initial should be placed to the left with the middle initial placed to the right. For instance, if the person’s name is Matthew Simpson Harris, the monogram should read MHS.

How do you combine the person’s initials with those of his spouse to create a monogram?

If the couple is sharing the same last name, the last name’s first initial must be listed first, traditionally with the initial of the woman listed first and placed to the left and the initial of the husband placed second and to the right. For instance, the monogram for Matthew and Angel Swift would be AHM.

As for couples who will hyphenate or keep their names, the general rule of thumb is to follow whatever you think will look best. One easy option is for you to use every initial from the two first names. One option is for you to include the last and first initials of each person for a total of four letters.

Now that you know more about monograms, don’t waste time to shop for the best monogram blazer buttons that are guaranteed to bring delight to anyone who receives them. 


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