Envision this situation: you have been paying your charges towards health insurance, after a seemingly endless amount of time after month, and you made a case for a specific healthcare treatment you got. Notwithstanding, the insurance company (or the TPA, in the event that one is included) hits you up saying that your case has been dismissed. Okay be baffled? Indeed, and which is all well and good! You have been routinely putting your cash in the online medical insurance Dubai company for the very reason that, when you have a medical need/crisis, you won’t need to run about for the cash. In the event that the insurance company dismisses your case in such a circumstance, it will be distressing for you – both sincerely and monetarily. We trust that you never need to experience such a circumstance, yet we might want you to be set up on the off chance that the need emerges. 

There are 3 main considerations that influence the destiny of a case. They are: 

  • The medical need of the therapy 
  • The accuracy of the subtleties filled in the case 
  • The incorporation/prohibition of certain healthcare strategies as a component of the arrangement 

Here are a couple of steps to consider on the off chance that you are ever confronted with a health insurance guarantee dismissal. 

1. Question yourself 

Everyone commits errors and, for this situation, it might have been the insurance company or it might have been you. Before you approach making any sort of move in light of the case dismissal, ask yourself these inquiries to see whether there has been a misstep at your end. You should check your contract carefullly and make sure that the kind of coverage you are seeking is included in it. For instance, if you are trying to get coverage for braces or Invisalign and other orthodontic treatment, you will need to ensure that your plan covers dental insurance and things like that .

Concerning your qualification in the domain of the strategy: 

  • Did you have a previous sickness that you didn’t unveil to the insurance company while buying the arrangement? 
  • Was there a sitting tight period for prior infections that you might have advised to the insurance company about? Was your ongoing hospitalization associated with this previous infection? 
  • Was your case for a corrective medical procedure or some other non-remedial therapy? In the event that it was a dental treatment, is it something covered by your strategy? 
  • Was the hospitalization just for analytic purposes and not for real treatment? 
  • Did you deliver injury on yourself –, for example, a self destruction endeavor or a condition brought about by your drinking or smoking propensity? 
  • Was the treatment you benefited identified with some other lasting rejections referenced in the strategy record? These could be innate or hereditary infections, injury during war, and so forth 

With respect to your case: 

  • Did you present the satisfactory reports as required? 
  • Did you make the case in an ideal way? Most cases should be made inside a specific number of days/weeks after the hospitalization. 
  • Did you make your case during a holding up period? 
  • Has the date of your insurance cover terminated or has the whole safeguard been depleted? 
  • Did your case surpass the allowed sub-limit material for the specific treatment? 

When you ask yourself the above inquiries, you will know (pretty much) if the case was dismissed in view of a mistake at your end. Notwithstanding, on the off chance that you are persuaded that you have done everything right, at that point you can continue to examine further. 

2. Peruse the arbitration report 

The insurance company is needed to express a substantial explanation behind the dismissal of your case. On account of a credit only case, this report is shipped off the clinic and if there should arise an occurrence of a repayment guarantee, it will be sent straightforwardly to you. 

Perusing this report may offer you responses and assist you with making the following strides. 

Now and then, there may have been a blunder in the manner the structure was filled. On the off chance that it is something that can be redressed, (for example, a spelling blunder or a client number mistake), you can illuminate the TPA with a solicitation to return the case or potentially reapply indeed. 

In the event that your case was dismissed because of lacking confirmation/documentation, at that point you can reapply in the wake of checking and gathering the necessary archives. You may need to make a couple of outings to the clinic for these, on the off chance that you don’t have them as of now. Once in a while, you may have essentially neglected to validate an archive, and this might have caused the dismissal. In the event of this and the past situation, recall to reapply before the window time frame for accommodation lapses. 

On the off chance that the explanation behind dismissal was that the treatment you profited didn’t appear to be important to the insurance company, return to your primary care physician and gather a letter clarifying why the treatment was vital by then. To reinforce your contention, you may likewise meet another specialist (who didn’t treat you for this) and get him/her to vouch for the legitimacy of the treatment also. 

3. Contact the TPA/insurance company 

It is profoundly plausible that a case was dismissed because of a mistake from the insurance company’s side. On the off chance that you have a legitimate contention and satisfactory evidence, at that point you can connect with the TPA or insurance company and solicit them to reexamine your case. Here’s the manner by which you can do it: 

Compose a proper letter/email with an unmistakable title and a reasonable, justifiable proclamation that approves your case. 

Connect fitting records (alongside letters from specialists) with their medical feeling on why the therapy was fundamental. 

Anticipate a reaction from the insurance company. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you don’t get an opportune reaction, you may raise the issue with a more significant position authority of the insurance company. 

In the event that your reasons appear to be substantial, odds are that your case will be acknowledged (either completely or incompletely) now. Guarantee that you keep up a duplicate of each correspondence that has unfolded among you and the TPA or insurance company with respect to this case. 

As per an article by Forbes, it is entirely adequate to re-apply the case and additionally appeal for the case the same number of times as you need. Now and again, in the event that you surrender too early, you may miss out on what you legitimately merit – particularly if the medical insurance online Dubai company isn’t certified and is dismissing your case basically to make a benefit. 

4. Look for a legal counselor’s assistance 

In the event that nothing from what was just mentioned works out and you are still completely persuaded of the legitimacy of your case, make an allure contradicting the insurance company’s choice with the assistance of a legal counselor. Recall that this is the issue that crosses over into intolerability, and that you might be burning through your time, cash and energy if your allure is made against a legitimate dismissal by the insurance company. 

While making an allure, ensure you have a duplicate of the apparent multitude of important archives with you – beginning from medical clinic bills to all the correspondences (counting messages) made in regards to the case among you and the TPA/insurance company. In the event that your allure has been discovered substantial, you will be properly compensated by the endorsement of your case.


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