Women’s belts are a genuinely unique piece of accessorizing. These can be worn on a loose piece of clothing that needs to be slightly tightened up or create a remarkable statement to match with a piece of jewellery to enhance the whole outfit. From casual summer look to formal wear, this throw-on-and-go closet staple makes getting dressed elegantly as they tend to need little to no style. 

However, when you’re in need to enhance your simple or basic outfit, adding in a chic belt to your outfit can give your appearance a trendy look you’re aiming for. You can use a belt to create contrast or to balance out a more oversize design. No matter what style, the waist-defining accessory can do wonders for your outfit. So, Shop Now to style your clothes and create a trendy statement. 

Type of Belts & Find a Suitable Belt 

When it comes to belts, the width is an essential factor to consider before making a purchase. The bigger the loops, the thicker the belt should be, else it can shift up and down because of instability. When the jeans or pants don’t have loops, you should not wear a belt, so it’s better to get a perfectly sized lower wear. 

A thick waist belt is perfect for women with longer torsos because it helps shorten your upper body and make you appear a bit proportional. However, a short-waisted female looks stunning with a narrow belt because it doesn’t cover up your midsection and make you appear disproportionate. 

Check out the exclusive collection of stylish belts for ladies that make your body look in great proportions, and it’s a perfect chance for you to exhibit a stylish personal touch. Here is the list of some popular belt preferred by a lot of women today:

Double Ring Leather Belt: A perfect duo of well-polished round buckles makes it a stylish belt. It makes you stand out while being exceptionally versatile at the same time.

Patent Bow Belt: It is a slender bow bet that is made from smooth faux leather. If you want to add a dainty and delicate look to your outfit, this belt is an ideal option.

Studded Faux Leather Belt: Highlight your waistline with this wide belt that comes with pinpoint studs for a splash of modern touch.

Double Wrap Belt: It is a wraparound belt that is widely popular in the current fashion industry. Accented with well-polished goldstone hardware that offers a finished look, it is made of smooth leather. 

Ways to Wear or Style a Belt

– on the natural waist;

– on your high or low waist or for females that don’t have well-defined waistline;

– to keep your pants up;

When it comes to a belt on your natural waist/lower or higher/ you can wear it with any dress, long shirts, over a sweater or cardigan, and even with a coat or trench coat. All these ways have their own particular look and catch attention to different areas of your body. So, style your belt according to your body type to enhance your overall appearance. 

In Conclusion

Mix and match style works well but not every time, so ensure to style a belt that fits perfect with the rest of your outfit. The first thing you should do is identify your personal style and then ensure that the belt you wear shows the whole concept of your outfit. For example, if you’re dressed casually, then your belt should complement the kind of look perfectly. Go for stylish belts for ladies according to your outfit style, budget and body type. 


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