We know there was a time when the idea of a massage was exciting to you, but now it’s just another part of your routine. You still like the idea of getting one, but you’re not as eager to pay for it or make the time for it. Unfortunately that means that you’re likely not getting all the benefits out of your massages either. This is because the body also needs a chance to restore and regenerate from long periods without touch in order to keep functioning well. For example, when your hands are busy or you’re too busy from work to get a massage at the end of the week, these benefits go unfulfilled. Even if you’re feeling good and in good health, a massage can help you maintain your physical workouts and your foods intake. This is because the body uses touch as a reminder to make sure that everything is working correctly. And no matter what your age is, massages also help people maintain muscle tone for better body control.

There’s also another advantage of getting Full body massage London on a regular basis: it decreases your risk of developing arthritis and depression. Within 23 days after receiving massages for a full year, people lost up to 80 percent of their risk from both diseases. The amount of arthritis pain decreased by 50 percent. And the list goes on and on for all the benefits of this concept. Comparing it to most other methods of exercise, you’d have to spend close to a hundred thousand dollars’ worth of gym memberships just to get these same benefits!

What can we say? We’re certainly not saying that this is going to replace anything that you’ve already been doing for years. You should still continue your exercise routine, whatever it may be. But this is something that you can do as a day-to-day option as well as something that will help increase all your other activities and endeavors in life. So if you feel like things have been missing from your life, you should try to get back to the massage!

VANCOUVER, BC – The full-body massage industry is growing and by the end of 2017 it is expected to reach more than $4.5 billion in annual revenue in the United States alone.

Full-body massages typically start at $80 for 60 minutes and there are also discounted or introductory membership rates available from most full-body massage businesses. There are several ways to receive a full-body massage, including a one hour long session with a therapist who travels to your home or hotel room, which ranges in cost from $125 up to $425. A tui na treatment will cost between $150 and $250.

A growing number of consumers are demanding more holistic health solutions and a stress management solution that focuses on body, mind, and spirit.

Indianapolis-based Simply Living Well Massage & Spa is an innovative new business that delivers a unique spa experience to its patrons. The company uses specialized equipment designed specifically for full-body massage. This state-of-the-art equipment eliminates the need for therapists to travel to the patron’s home or hotel room – a feature that is important to busy executives and frequent travelers alike. Once in place at the patron’s location, clients are then able to receive as many massages as they choose without the cost of scheduling and having someone travel out to their location again and again.


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