It is no easy feat winning cash on slots whilst spinning them with real cash, let alone from free play at Slotzo. But can winning real cash from free slots be achieved? 

Free Slot Play 

The main way to play slots for free is by playing them in what is known as demo mode or practice mode. Most of the time, you will have to be a member of an online casino to be able to access slots this way. Usually, once you find a game that interests you, you click on the game banner and this brings up a choice of playing the game for free or for real with your casino cash balance. Even in free mode, the majority of the slot features are active, the only things that may be absent are the jackpots, but some slots even allow you to win the jackpots in practice mode. The problem here is that you can’t win any cash in reality, because you are playing with a virtual bankroll. Therefore, you may be wondering what the actual point of free slot play is? 

Why Do Free Slots Exist? 

Playing slots in demo mode allows you to experiment with and learn all about the various elements that make up slot games. You can learn about each symbol and the pay table can be a useful guide to the value of all the symbols on the reels as well. 

Ultimately, playing slots in practice mode is all about experiencing the special features and bonus rounds and the actual slot games themselves. This helps punters to sift through the numerous games without wasting their cash on inferior products that are not to the liking of each individual. It is always best to discover the poor slot games without wasting actual real cash on them. 

Free Slot Sites 

If you don’t fancy joining an actual casino to play these games for free, then you can join specialist websites that review slots and casinos. They also allow you to play a large range of games for free. Some sites that have recently opened give customers thousands of pounds of virtual cash to play slots for free without any gambling involved. Even with the gambling element absent, customers will still have to be age verified before they can join. 

From playing slots for free, it is clear to see that you cannot win real cash. There is however a way around this, but it involves joining various online casinos and accepting their welcome bonus offers that are usually reserved for new players. 

Casino Bonuses 

When you join an online casino, you will often be given something free, this could come in the shape of free spins or a cash lump sum. This allows customers some free play on the house and realistically, this is the only way punters can win real cash from free slot play because everything you win goes straight into your casino account. Some gambling establishments allow you to keep everything you win, whilst others expect players to wager through what they win, a certain number of times.


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