When you spend money buying human hair wigs for women, you want to keep it looking good for as long as possible. After all, it is an investment, so you want to protect it! While some parts of caring for a wig may seem like common sense, there are plenty of tips and tricks to learn that only industry insiders know, which can help keep the wig’s beauty boosted for longer. Follow these simple tips, and you will be a pro at maintaining your human hair wigs in no time!

Take it off at night

An easy way to avoid tangles and broken hair strands in your wigs for women is to remove them at night before you go to bed. Keeping a wig on overnight can be tempting, especially if underneath you’re fully bald. Who wouldn’t want to have a beautiful, full head of hair while sleeping? But this is unfortunately not a good idea if you want to keep the wigs in good condition. Keeping the delicate hairs pressed against a pillow all night and the tossing and turning that happens for most of us when asleep means that the hair will become matted and tangled. As it pulls and tugs on the surface your head rests on, the hair will knot and may even break or pull off of the wig base. If you want to prevent all this, simply remove the wig before sleeping and then put it back on in the morning. Simple and effective!

Use a wig stand

When you remove your wig from your head, whether for a good night’s sleep or otherwise, it is important to have somewhere safe to store it. Leaving the wig crumpled up or carelessly lying around is just asking for knots and tangles to appear. The best way to store women’s wigs is by using a wig stand! These stands keep the wig off of the ground or other surfaces where damage may occur. They also allow for the wig base to keep its proper shape by sitting it on a structure with the same shape as a head, preventing deformation. Buy a wig stand or mannequin head to easily store your wigs for women and have them ready to wear again!

Use a loop brush

If you find that your wig does end up with tangles or knots, it doesn’t have to be the end of the wig. Brushing the wig out is a great way to remove these issues or even just to style the hair nicely. However, normal hair brushes may pull the hair strands too aggressively and can break them off or even pull them right out of the wig base. For this reason, a loop brush is a must-have accessory. Instead of traditional bristles, loop brushes (as the name suggests) feature loops that work as the bristles. These loops help prevent hair damage by being gentler and pulling less when brushing. They are specifically designed for hair extensions, wigs, and hair toppers. If you want to brush and style your hair, a loop brush is a great way to do it while maintaining the wig’s quality and durability.

Wig-friendly shampoo and conditioner

With frequent wear, wigs will become dirty. Oil buildup, sweat, dirt, and debris will accrue in the hair and on the wig’s base the same way they do on your bio hair and scalp. This means that, just like natural hair, wigs for women need to be washed. The real question is, how can you wash them while maintaining their quality? Regular shampoos and conditioners contain harmful ingredients that will strip wig hair of its nutrients, and because it is not attached to a head that can replenish it, the wig will become brittle and lifeless. The easiest solution for this is to use products on your hair that are specifically made for wigs. These products are formulated without the harmful chemicals that regular products have, such as parabens and sulfates. They will clean the wig while still giving it nourishment so it remains beautiful and shiny.

Leave-in conditioner

The last important tip you should know for maintaining your wig is to use a high-quality leave-in conditioner. Leave-in conditioners add moisture to wigs and help detangle knots more easily. Spraying a generous amount of the product on your wigs for women at least once a day helps to revive them from becoming dry over time and makes the hair strands slippery for the brush to slide through them easily. Leave-in conditioners can also help to tame stray flyaways and freshen up the smell of your wigs. 

Wearing wigs for women is a fun and fashionable way to change up your hair, but it is important to take proper care of them. When looked after properly, wigs can last a long time and remain a stunning solution for hair loss. Follow the above tips and tricks to maintain your beautiful wig, and purchase supplies like the ones mentioned from reputable suppliers like Superhairpieces. With the right tools, your wig can become more manageable, and you can become a wig care pro in a heartbeat!


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