Have you ever got yourself in a situation where you’re going to present a database in a class, your team, or a particular occasion, but then the computer or laptop won’t read your file? It’s pretty much because your Microsoft Excel spreadsheet isn’t readable by the device you’re using. However, you don’t have to worry about it because there’s an easy way to make your presentation still go on. You can go so far as converting your Excel spreadsheet into PDF.

PDFBear offers the service of converting your Microsoft Excel spreadsheet into a universal and compact-sized PDF file. This way, you won’t have any problems whatsoever in presenting your data wherever and whenever. You just pretty much only need your file on your device and an internet connection, and you’re all good. You don’t even need to download anything nor register to access PDFBear’s tool. 

What is an Excel To PDF Online Converter Tool?

It’s pretty much simple understanding the words, but to be bold, it’s an online converter tool wherein your Microsoft Excel spreadsheet is converted to a compact-sized, easy-to-read PDF file. Everything from the formattings, texts, tables, graphs from the original file is copied into the newly converted PDF. The majority of Excel to PDF online converter tools can do this in less than no time. The conversion is high-speed, and it would just take minutes to finish.

The process is fast, and once it’s done and over, you can easily download the newly converted PDF file. Now, you won’t have problems with the device you’re going to use your file with. It’s going to be readable because it’s a PDF file now. Isn’t it amazing how an Excel to PDF online converter tool saves you from downloading unwanted programs or apps and the money to access the service? It would indeed save time and money at your expense.

How Do you Convert Your Excel Files into PDF using PDFBear’s Tool?

After knowing what an Excel to PDF online converter tool is all about, are you curious enough to know how it works? PDFBear’s Excel to PDF online converter tool offers, if not one of the easiest ways to convert your Microsoft Excel spreadsheets into PDF files. As aforementioned above, you need your file on your device and an internet connection, and you’re good to go. 

Isn’t that amazing? For the record, it only takes several clicks and minutes to finish. It’s a convenient tool and would save your day when you’re in a hurry to present your file, and suddenly the device you’re using to show your presentation won’t read your file. You’ll never know, but this situation comes and goes at the most random and crucial moment.

You can convert your Microsoft Excel spreadsheet into four simple and easy steps. The process starts when you upload your Microsoft Excel spreadsheet into the conversion box. After uploading your file, you can choose from the available options to format. After selecting from the options, click convert and wait for PDFBear to analyze your file and convert it into PDF. When the process is finished, you can now download and save your newly converted PDF file.

PDFBear’s Privacy And Security

Are you curious where your uploaded files are going to be after using PDFBear? You don’t even have to worry about other people accessing your files and documents. You don’t have to fret about anything. PDFBear knows that your files are treated with the utmost respect for whatever purpose, either for personal, business, or whatsoever. With PDFBear, you can rest easily. In addition, you can use PDFBear’s Excel to PDF online converter tool without any worries.

PDFBear understands that your file may be private or personal. Thus, they know that your privacy and confidentiality are their top priority. After using the Excel to PDF online converter tool, PDFBear automatically removes your files and documents permanently within 60 minutes. The only exception for this is when you register an account and decide to have it saved there. With PDFBear, your Excel files are safe and in good hands. It’s indeed worth it.


After hearing PDFBear’s excellent and convenient Excel to PDF online converter tool, why don’t you give it a try? No one knows. Maybe it will put up with your standard and make the service your everyday essential tool. There’s no need to download anything except your newly converted file, nor the need to register, so go ahead and try it 100% free.


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