We live in the digital landscape where everything has become easily accessible at our fingertips. Businesses have built an online presence that allows them to offer their products and services online. From ordering food to booking the ride, you can get everything conveniently in a hassle-free manner. Also, you can do online shopping to buy your desired products. With the digital revolution, the threat of online security has also increased. So, businesses require solid cyber security measures to keep their websites, mobile applications, and online stores safe from cybercriminals. 

Cybersecurity professionals keep your digital assets safe from potential hackers or cyber thieves. These criminals have a motive to hack your website and steal your valuable business data. Such incidents can damage the reputation of your business as many customers will become reluctant to buy your product or services. Cybersecurity is a huge realm that has different branches. Every branch ensures the different security levels that help you achieve better safety. All businesses have different cyber security needs. Hence, you should know about cyber security branches to make the right choice as per your needs. Let’s learn about the different branches of cybersecurity and how they protect your system. 

Cyber Forensics

Cyber forensics is a newly emerged branch of cyber security that helps you figure out who compromised your system. A digital forensics analyst has the expertise to find out the digital evidence of a crime so that you can take legal action accordingly. 

These qualified professionals earn the relevant degree and analyze, track and document security breaches. It helps you find the culprit, and their investigation also determines the gaps in your cyber security measure. 

Infrastructure Security 

Proper infrastructure is required to run different affairs of the nation. Today, all these systems are connected to the internet, from power grids to transportation and water purification to sewage. So, all these systems are exposed to online threats, which means nations worldwide need solid cybersecurity measures to protect their assets from external forces. 

This branch of cybersecurity ensures security for the infrastructure of the nations globally. There is a particular government department in each country that is responsible for infrastructure security. Any threat to infrastructure can affect the economy of any nation, so it is essential that government organizations should take measures accordingly. 

Network Security 

One of the most critical branches of cyber security is network security. It is crucial to ensure the security of the network systems used in homes, offices, and banks. You must understand that all networks are vulnerable and are easy to attack. You should take basic network security measures such as using secure VPNs, firewalls, and different tools to secure your network. 

By taking the right network security measures, you can prevent unauthorized access and protect your network from data breaches. Also, you can leverage the security protocol, such as permission-based access, by consulting competent network security engineers. You should also use monitoring tools to notify you when someone tries to access your network. 

Application Security 

Application security deals with multiple levels to protect the data of applications of connected devices. This process starts from the development phase of the application. Cyber security professionals ensure such encryption that only provides access to authorized people of applications. 

Also, the team of experts figures out the vulnerabilities that are present in your application. The logins of the applications are also secured to ensure that only the right people can access them. Hardware methods can also be used depending on the needs of your application. 

Cloud Security 

Cloud has become an important element of the businesses operating worldwide. Companies prefer using cloud computing systems to manage workload and maintain data for excellent performance and smooth workflow. But it has also become essential for companies to take solid cloud security measures. 

Keeping your cloud system safe helps you protect your investments and assets. Service providers offering cloud services also offer cloud security solutions. They may use different tools to protect your data and prevent malware. Most of the cloud security measures are automated, including monitoring as well.

Website Security 

Another important cyber security branch is website security which protects your business websites from hacking and malware. To ensure website security, you need a reputable provider’s secure and reliable website hosting. 

Good website hosting holds special significance to keeping your website secure. But you also have to get rid of malicious content from your website and take measures to eliminate spammers. Also, you have to focus on encryption, firewalls, and password security to strengthen your website security. 

Systems and Devices Security 

Keeping your devices and systems secure is one of the integral parts of cyber security. It gives you peace of mind once your device and system are protected from any type of malware or potential attack. 

The basic step of systems and devices security is to install a top-quality antivirus on your laptop, computer, mobile, or tablet. You may also get professional assistance by consulting security experts. It will ensure foolproof security for your devices by using methods like access control and VPNs. 

IoT Security 

The Internet of things (IoT) trend is growing rapidly, and by 2027, the market size of IoT might grow by $1,463.19 billion. From government departments to homeowners, everyone is looking to adopt IoT. But the evolution of IoT has also brought security challenges for cyber security professionals. Different data centers, networks, and devices are using IoT, increasing the challenges for security experts. 

So, another branch of cyber security, IoT security, is becoming popular day by day. Vendors are also willing to invest in tools that can provide monitoring solutions to mitigate IoT security risks. 


With technological advancements, the risks and challenges will probably increase. It has become crucial for businesses to invest in cyber security to protect their digital assets in the current internet-driven world. It puts a question mark on the company’s credibility if someone hacks their website, system, or network. So, to avoid such incidents, businesses need to take relevant cyber security measures as per their needs. It will protect their systems or devices and help them maintain a good image in the market. The cyber security branches mentioned above will help you make the right security decisions for your business.


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