Most companies can convert or purchase 3M’s products, but only a few are selected as preferred converters. This description recognizes best converting firms that consistently surpass others in capabilities, quality, customer service, and experience. The 3M brand is renowned worldwide as an inventive leader in the best technologies.

Every business goal is to thrive, and every venture wants to partner with other businesses to succeed. Companies are honored as the best in the converting industry. Here you will get information on the 3M Converter, its origin, the types, and benefits.

What’s the meaning of 3D preferred?

Choosing high-end converters is essential. 3M connects to the best converters in the world and most of the time, shares new technology. A converter receives new products from 3M. No matter the raw materials used, 3M trusts and trusts that the converter will manufacture a quality product. In return, 3M receives loyalty as a bonus. On the other hand, the converter receives business development investment and discounts from 3M. 3M converters, most of the time, receive extra customer service attention. If a converter states they are 3M preferred converter, they mean that:

  • They sell high amounts of 3M products
  • Employs experts who succeed in complex projects
  • The converter has the cutting-edge and latest adhesives
  • The converter is eager to try new products and technology
  • Maintains the highest level of excellence
  • Sell a large volume of 3M product

What to look for in a 3D converter?

A 3D converter specializes in 3M products and transforms them to meet a particular shape and form.

There are many converters worldwide, and attaining the 3 M preferred converter status is a significant achievement. However, what matters is what the converter does with the recognition. Some converters take advantage of the opportunity.

Others engage with 3M at a deeper level as others add copy to their sites. What to look for

  • Does the converter take advantage of 3M’s training programs?
  • if the converter has an expert team in production and material processes
  • Does the converter make use of the 3M’s training programs?
  • Do the engineers of the converter talk to 3M’s design engineers?
  • Does the converter use a world-class lab of 3M?
  • Does the converter advise or discuss the marketing strategy with 3M?

What to expect from a 3M converter

  • Access to all new technologies, 3M products, support, and experts
  • Quick turnaround on samples and quotes
  • Fast and on-time delivery of services
  • Best engineering support and expertise in the industry with expertise developing solutions for a wide variety of applications and markets.
  • A converter to assist in improving final product performance, decreasing total cost, and simplifying your manufacturing process
  • A variety of converting capabilities
  • Quality management systems that meet all standards
  • Quality customer services

How do customers benefit from the 3D preferred converter?

There are myriads of benefits that come with a preferred converter which includes:

In-house proficiency

Customers benefit from getting solutions for product challenges and manufacturing. They get assistance in getting the correct solutions to meet all converting needs.


Preferred converters have access to competitive 3M pricing, allowing them to provide you with the best pricing for a project.

Access to 3M experts

Some converters have relationships with product experts, chemical engineers, and staff for technical support to track the correct solutions for your converting challenges.

Endless innovation

3M converters have access to materials and the latest technology, and therefore customers have access to problem-solving and leading-edge technology.

Quick Response times

3D converters clients have immediate access to inventory which means your parts are delivered on time.

Employee training

The 3M converter provides a broad knowledge of 3D technologies and products.

Access to great products

3M is a trailblazer in creating foam tape, VHB, and 3M, which improve homes and lives and inspire future inventions.


A preferred converter is supported by a 3M sales representative team.

Comprehensive Customer Benefits

The 3M converters receive discounts that they extend to their customers. Making purchases in large quantities helps customers buy at a price that cannot be achieved when purchasing small amounts.


Using 3M’s more extensive network enables you to work more effectively in every area of your business.

Particular products categories and products can only be obtained from 3M converters. The converters are mostly the first to get access to new products in the market. 3M preferred converter also connects to people in 3M marketing to get financial assistance, create better strategies, and share their insight in sales.


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