Pole dancing is one of the fun ways to work out the strength of your body. Whether you are learning to pole dance for exotic purposes or general strength, you should be prepared for your training session to avoid injuries and unwanted scenarios in the gym. 

Your pole dancing gym bag should have a few essentials that can be helpful during the training session. Let’s read what these essentials are.    

  1. 1. Proper Attire

Pole dancers should wear shorter shorts and a comfortable sports bra for the training session. When you are pole dancing, you need a good grip from the thigh and bum region that will not be provided if your skin is covered with clothes. Bare skin can have a better grip on the pole. 

You should also keep stripper-style heels that not only makes your move more exotic but also the added weight provides additional strength. The cherry on top, your legs look longer and sexier. 

Coming towards the hair, you should preferably tie them in a ponytail or a bun to avoid distractions and intervention in your moves. 

2. Bandages

Many people forget how important bandages are for any physical activity training. When you are in the beginner’s phase, you are bound to get injured. Even the professional pole dancers face bruises quite often. 

Never rely on your training academy to provide you with bandages and band-aids. Keep a whole pack for yourself in your bag. These bandages can come in handy in very unusual circumstances.  

3. Wrist And Knee Support

When you are practicing pole dancing, your hands and wrists have to bear all the body weight. You should provide them with enough support to handle the body weight. Otherwise, you might suffer from unbearable pain. Grip aids can help you a lot in pole dancing. 

If you are more inclined towards floor work, or certain moves require you to use your knees then you should consider keeping pole dance knee pads in your gym bag. Knee pads can protect your knees from hard floors and bruises. You can not afford a knee injury, especially if there is a competition coming up. 

4. Water Bottle

You should always have a water bottle in your gym bag. Practicing pole dance can make you sweat which can lead to dehydration. You should have your water bottle with you so that you can keep yourself hydrated. 

Drinking an adequate amount of water is important to keep you hydrated and also make your mind more focused on different moves. 

5. Towel  

Lastly, your pole gym bag should have a microfiber towel in it. The towel is essential in the gym bag. You should have something to wipe all the sweat off your body and face, and also wipe the pole clean. 

Sweaty bodies and poles can become slippery, thus causing hindrance in your practice. Try not to rely on towels provided by the gym as they are not hygienic.                     


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