Millenials are the new generation, and they bring with them completely different values than their predecessors.

What are millennials really thinking about sports injury clinic? Do they care about our services? Is it worth our time to speak to them about how we can help? Who are these enigmatic creatures, anyways? The answers may surprise you. Spoiler alert: All of us will be millenials someday.

I’m not going to lie. I’m an avid gym goer and recreational sports player myself, so when I heard that there was a blog post out there called “millenials think about sport injury clinic” my immediate reaction was “well, duh”. I breezed through the post in about thirty seconds, then went back to watching youtube videos in my carrel in the library.

But then I realized that my reaction is exactly why this article actually contains actionable insights for us. You see, when it comes down to business, everyone is always saying that millennials are different from the rest of us. They want something different from life. They are more interested in work-life balance. They are more interested in staying healthy and fit. When they need help with an injury, they use online resources instead of going to medical professionals like their parents did (and still do). And all of these things may be true. But I am not a millennial (I can say this with confidence because I’m 29, but also because I am of the pre-millennial generation; my parents are baby boomers). So if someone like me can figure out how to speak to millennials effectively, then maybe there is hope for us all….and maybe we should pay attention.

The article describes how millennials view sports injury clinic as just another business on the internet, that they see advertisements on social media, and that they rely on friend’s recommendations before deciding whether or not to seek help. All of this is very true. But what it doesn’t capture is the big elephant in the room: Generation Z…or the post-millennials. Millennials are the new generation. Post-millennials are the “next” generation. And as such, they bring with them completely different values than their predecessors.

Currently there is a lot of talk around Millennials and their effect on business. Some people say they will never amount to anything, others say they will be the richest people in the world, and still others say that they represent a huge opportunity for us all if we can just figure out how to work with them. I think that this general ambivalence towards millenials is completely understandable, but I also think that we need to take seriously what we know about them and be open minded about whether or not we can effectively work with them (or their parents).

Millennials are the new generation, and they bring with them completely different values than their predecessors. When it comes to sports injury clinic, there are three main things that millenials expect:

Millenials thirst for knowledge and information, so they want everything to be available to them at any time. They want to be able to go online and quickly look up the name of their injury, what it means, how it happened, how to fix it themselves (if possible), and then compare that information with other sources online (also at any time).


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