If you have ever gone through the pain and discomfort of pregnancy, or have been around a pregnant woman, you would understand how useful a pregnancy pillow can be. In this blog, we’ll talk about the same – pregnancy pillows and how much comfort they can add to your pregnancy. In addition, the blog will also talk about how to use maternity pillows and probably about how to filter the best pregnancy pillows from the available ones in the market. 

4 Reasons Expecting Women Should Have Maternity Pillows  

  1. Soothes body pain: We all are well aware of the hormonal changes a pregnant woman goes through during pregnancy. But they also go through a great deal of changes in their body to accommodate the growing foetus. These body changes cause pressure on the entire body, especially on one’s back, legs, hips, and other adjacent body parts. The pain and discomfort can make any day-to-day activity a painful experience, especially sleeping. A maternity pillow helps create a comfortable resting environment for pregnant women that soothes any kind of pain during sleep. 
  1. Improves Blood Circulation: The pain and discomfort experienced during pregnancy often lead to pregnant women sleeping in incorrect sleeping positions. Maternity pillows, owing to their specific design, promotes sideways sleeping, which in return, helps improve blood circulation. Additionally, maternity pillows can help with other common pregnancy problems like heartburn. The pillow encourages your body to shift in a comfortable sleeping position that eases acid reflux.  
  1. Higher comfort during sleep: When you are carrying a baby in your womb, you’ll be in a constant ‘tired’ mode. And you’d want to sleep for as long as you can. Maternity pillows are higher overall comfort to ensure better, more relaxed, longer, and higher quality sleeping hours. 
  1. Post-pregnancy benefits: Maternity pillows find their application during pregnancy as well as post-delivery, especially during breastfeeding. The pillow can help you position your newborn in the right way, allowing them to latch better.

How to use maternity pillows?

Using a maternity pillow isn’t a complicated task. Most of the time, the use instructions are mentioned on the package in which the pillow comes in. But, if you still have doubts, here’s some simple steps to use MiArcus  C shaped maternity pillows. 

  • Put the pillow on the bed 
  • Spread out the shape and move into the pillow 
  • The curve of the C (for C-shaped pillows) should be towards your back 
  • The top of the pillow needs to be at your head 
  • And the bottom of the pillow has to be in between your thighs 

Before you buy a maternity pillow, please remember to do the following things. 

  • Consult your Gynecologist on whether or not you should use maternity pillows. If yes, check with them about the right time for you to start using the pillows. Usually, it is advised to start using maternity pillows from 10th to 12th week of pregnancy. 
  • Choose the right maternity pillow. There are many different options available, with varying comfort and quality and suitability according to sleeping positions. Make sure to choose the right one for the required level of comfort. 

That’s all. Visit Miarcus.com to know more.


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