When it comes to an outfit, we always pay attention to most visible components like the shirt, pants, jackets or shoes. Not much attention is given to a pair of socks. This is not a good practice and you should always pair the right type of socks with your outfit to give it the extra flair. 

When it comes to picking the right pair of socks you can face a variety of choices in terms of style, material, colour, length and quality. It’s not rocket science to match your pair of socks with your outfit. However, it should not only coordinate with your outfit, but it must also be comfortable and fit well. If not, this can lead to various foot problems like blisters. 

Below is a quick description of the main type of socks you will find in shops today and how to pair them with the right outfit. 

Knee High Socks

These socks are quite long and as the name suggest they usually reach up to your knee in terms on length. Knee high socks are ideal for support and therefore are mostly worn by athletes and diabetics. When I mean support, I mean that they improve the circulation of blood in the legs. Knee high socks have other noticeable features like moisture wicking abilities, low profile seams and extra padding for protection. 

Calf Socks

These are often worn by women to style up their outfits. Women can wear these with dresses, skirts and shorts paired with boots or heels. 

Calf socks are also ideal for winters to keep you warm and comfortable. 

Ankle Socks

As the name suggest ankle socks reach up to your ankle and is quite popular nowadays among both men and women. Ankle socks pair well with athletic shoes that have low tops and most casual footwear. 

During hot summer months ankle socks are ideal for less but comfortable coverage. 

Quarter Socks

Slightly longer than ankle socks, quarter socks come up to about your shin. Quarter socks can prevent blisters in areas like your Achilles. 

Just like ankle socks, this type of socks is just a matter of preference. They are ideal for summers. Quarter socks are also available for people with medical problems like cold feet, nerve damage and poor circulation. 

The current trend is odd socks and these can add colour to even your formal outfits. 

Crew Socks

These types of socks are the most common type of sock length. You will see most of the gym bros wear these at the gym. They are also ideal to keep you warm during winter. 

In terms of length crew socks cover about half of your calf. Crew socks are versatile and can be used for formal attire as well. 

Thigh High Socks

Just like calf socks these are predominantly worn by women. However originally, they were worn by Scottish men too. Women can pair these with skirts, shorts and dresses. 

They come in various patterns and can add flair and style to your outfits. 

These are the most common types of socks available in the market today. The type of material and quality you chose will be a personal preference but always opt for cotton socks because they are durable and the most comfortable of them all.


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