In case you want to come to the UK to visit your friends or family or enjoy vacations for a short time then you must acquire a Tourism and Leisure visa for the UK.

Tourism and Leisure Visit Visa Requirements

In order to satisfy the Home office that you are a genuine visitor to get a tourism and leisure visa, the following are the requirements stated in immigration law in order to get a Tourism and Leisure visa.

  • Proof that you have a strong set-up in your home country and you will leave the UK upon expiry of your visa
  • You will not be staying in the UK for a long period by visiting frequently or consecutively.
  • Proof that you are a genuine visitor, visiting only for the purposes allowed under the tourism and leisure visa, and will not conduct any activity against the law of the UK.
  • Financial proof of enough financial support to cover your trip expenditure without the need to get assistance from public funds

More Information Regarding Tourism and Leisure visas.

Most of the applicants of tourism and leisure visa will be required to apply to get a visit visa from their home county before planning their travel. However, in case you belong to specific countries that are exempted from the requirement of applying, then you will only need to submit a leave to enter application as a visitor at the border of the UK

The validity of a tourism and leisure visa is up to 6 months from the date of approval of visa and you will be allowed to leave and enter the UK multiple times for the period your visa is valid unless you have been specifically given a single or dual-entry visa.

Holders of tourism and leisure visas will be allowed to visit their friends and family in the UK or enjoy holidays in beautiful areas of the UK. Unlike a Business visit visa, the visa holders of this visa will not have permission to perform business activities that have been allowed in the Business Visit Visa section. They can’t also get a maximum of 30 days study course and avail themselves of the private medical treatment facility that meets the criteria of the Private Medical Treatment visit visa section. You would need to apply for different visa categories under visit visa in case you need to attend to different matters in the UK and conduct various activities.

Get immigration lawyer services to assess which visa category will suit you the best. You must be well informed regarding what you are allowed to do in the UK and what not. In case you overstep the permissions of your visa, you can face serious legal issues with the authorities of the UK.

Upon a visit to the UK on a Tourism and leisure visa basis, the visa holder is not allowed to get a job or start a business in the UK, get the payments as a result of activities conducted in the UK, or take admission in any educational setup of more than 30 days.

The authorities of immigration in the UK also require you to arrange sufficient financial support to cover all the expenditures on your own without the need to access public funds in the UK. All the expenditures including your return, the expenditure relating to any dependant, and any activity you want to conduct during your stay in the UK

Activities a Standard Visitor in the UK is allowed to perform?

As a standard visitor in the United Kingdom with Tourism and leisure visa, you will be allowed to perform the following activities:

  • Pay a visit to your friends or family residing in the UK or enjoy holidays in the UK.
  • Be a part of educational exchanges programs;
  • Attend any educational course for a maximum of 30 days.
  • Volunteer at Charities that are registered for 30 days

How can assist you in getting a Tourism and Leisure visa?

Immigration lawyers at have years of experience in getting applications of all types of visas approved. Whether you require legal assistance regarding submitting your tourism and leisure visa or want expert guidance regarding which category under visit visa will be suitable for you according to your requirements, we can guide you through the whole process and help you get through the complicated process of getting a visa.

We pride ourselves on providing tailor-fitted services that meet our client’s exact requirements. We provide custom advice to each client after completely assessing their situation. We are committed to providing our clients with the clearest and reliable immigration lawyer legal assistance to our clients as part of our professional immigration lawyers’ service. If you have any queries regarding tourism and leisure visas then don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert tourism visa immigration lawyer and get professional legal advice.


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