Should you travel alone or journey with companions? Statistics indicate that 15% of Americans today are embarking upon adventures alone. However, solo trips aren’t that much popular among people. Adults mostly prefer group travels over solitary getaways. These adventures enable travelers to connect more deeply with their companions and create cherished memories for the future.

Group trips are difficult to organize and require proper planning along with careful preparations. Vacationing with companions harmoniously isn’t possible without following our below-mentioned suggestions that enable you to make this escapade comfortable for everyone.

How to travel with a group of friends?

How to travel with your buddies and still stay friends with them? Traveling with companions becomes an impending nightmare if organized improperly. So, it’s important to arrange your “friendcation” the right way to let everyone in your company enjoy the vacation. No wonder some folks prefer solo trips to avoid the kerfuffle associated with planning group travels! However, venturing into the unknown with a bunch of buddies will make your escapades more affordable and pleasing. Also, friends provide a sense of safety and support during these journeys. You have someone to share on-the-spot moments with and evade the solitude of backpacking unaccompanied. Here’s how you may organize your group travel:

1. Rent spacious homes

First, large groups require proper residential arrangements. So, you should search online for the right size of accommodation. For example, if you’re going on a hiking trip to the Great Smokys in Tennessee, look up “large group cabins in Gatlinburg TN” on Google to find a suitable place to stay. Spacious lodging helps accommodate more people with some privacy. They are furnished with other amenities travelers often need during an escapade and can be much cheaper than renting out several rooms.

2. Have some leaders

Your party must have a leader (or two) to keep everything organized. Leadership’s important to ensure the adventure goes smoothly without mishaps. So, appoint someone as the group leader or nominate different people for being in charge of a range of tasks. For instance, one friend can search for living quarters while another looks up all the go-to attractions at the destination. Since you’re the one inviting someone, it makes sense if you assume this responsibility or name someone else.

3. Book your flights

How are you going to reach your destination? We recommend travelers book flights after they have researched multiple options. Remember to book your flight early to avoid any problems right before you’re supposed to depart. It’s sensible to make travel arrangements months before the journey begins. It seems prudent to consider alternative options such as hiring coaches for taking the party to its destination. Traveling by road can become another attraction itself during your adventure.

4. Share your expenses

We suggest creating a budget if you’re journeying with companions. This budget can enable you to evaluate all adventure-related expenditures. Share your expenses so one person doesn’t have to pay more than their share. Don’t hesitate to have a conversation regarding all these expenses with your friends. Moreover, you can use expenses-calculating applications to make some correct estimations regarding how much every guest owes. In short, share your expenses properly.

5. Plan your activities

Which attractions are you planning to see during this journey? Large groups mean different opinions as everybody wants to visit different locations. Even if the group agrees on a single activity, they can delay it for engaging in another preferred activity. So, the group leader should consider all different preferences to determine which activities should be first. Some activities must be booked earlier so you have to make these arrangements too. Pre-plan your activities to avoid any controversy.

6. Choose your fellows

Who do you wish to join you in this adventure? Choose your traveling companions wisely and select people who make you feel comfortable. Studies have shown that 40% of millennials prefer traveling with friends or, more preferably, their BFFs. Don’t invite people with whom you’re likely to argue throughout the journey. Shortlist the candidates and determine who seems bearable enough for a days-long journey you’re planning. Choose your partners smartly to make this getaway more pleasing.

7. Do split up

Traveling with companions doesn’t mean everyone has to stay glued to each other all the time. You can always split up into sub-groups, enjoy different activities, and then recombine to share a collective adventure. Let’s remind you again that everybody may have a different idea about what activities must be done first. So, friends shouldn’t force anyone to engage in an activity they find not very much interesting. Let everyone split up ‘cause, in the end, you’re sleeping under the same roof.

8. Get group discounts

Every journey fanatic knows this ages-old trick from the adventurers’ encyclopedia. Many places give discounts if travelers eat and stay as a group. So, leverage group pricing to attain cheap quality deals for your traveling companions. That’s how you avoid planning any getaway over the planned budget. So, present these group discounts before your fellows before people purchase admissions individually. Use these discount options to make escapades more affordable.

9. Keep everyone informed

A well-informed group enjoys a getaway properly, so it’s important to keep the information flowing. Don’t withhold important information from your traveling companions. Today, people have several methods to communicate important information digitally to concerned individuals. You can create a document using Google Docs or record all expenses using Excel spreadsheets for sharing them with your friends. That’s how everyone can learn about the budgetary requirements without problems.

10. Let disagreements happen

Even the most strongly-bonded group of friends can have disagreements while vacationing. Just avoid turning these disagreements into full-blown arguments and ruining everyone’s mood or humiliating someone. Instead of prolonging the disagreement, consider this argument a mere divergence in preference. Does one friend want to do things their way? Let them have their way, and maybe you two can rejoin for another activity. That’s how everyone can enjoy this adventure now.


Do people like traveling in groups? Surveys from 2019 show that 75% of Americans prefer traveling with a group of friends today instead of embarking upon solitary journeys. However, group travels need more planning than solo trips because of which we’ve mentioned some relevant suggestions above. First, you should choose travel buddies wisely. Make travel and living arrangements properly to maximize people’s comfort. Create a budget and share travel expenses with everyone to avoid overburdening one person! Pre-plan travel-related activities, and don’t forget that you can always split up into sub-groups for better enjoying these activities. That’s how group travels can stay comfortable for yourself and your fellows.


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