Having a home is everybody’s dream. However, having a physical space to house your family is not enough; it is best to have complete furnishings so that your family can live comfortably in your home. Fortunately, you can purchase more affordable but durable furniture such as custom plywood furniture to place in your home.

The Benefits of Using Plywood for Furniture

Plywood is considered the first commercially produced wood veneer made by binding together different wood scraps to produce large pieces for furniture and home building uses. Since it was made available in the 1850s, plywood has become favorite building material for home and furniture builders because of these following characteristics.

Plywood Furniture Looks Good. While plywood is created by joining different wood scraps, these bonded elements are hidden by a thin solid layer. This covering makes plywood appear like solid wood. Although only the middle portion of the plywood is made up of the bonded wood scraps, the outer layers appear solid and look good for covering walls or creating custom plywood furniture. If you want your furniture to looking even better, it is best to choose plywood with a quality veneer as its outer covering.

Plywood Furniture is Strong. It is a misconception that because plywood is made from wood scraps, it is not strong. The truth is, the cross arrangements of the grains of the bonded wood scraps of the inner layers distribute the strength evenly throughout a plywood board. Likewise, the phenolic adhesives used for bonding the wood scraps together also add to the board’s overall strength.  

Plywood is Durable. Modern manufacturing technologies have made it possible for plywood boards to come with high-quality veneer coverings scratch and water-resistant. This covering makes plywood an extremely durable material for creating furniture and building houses.

Plywood Comes in Large Sizes. Standard plywood sheets come in dimensions of 4 feet by eight feet and are convenient for covering large home areas such as the walls or ceilings. Likewise, furniture makers can use the large size of plywood boards to create large items such as dining tables and wardrobes. In addition, the large sizes of plywood sheets will allow you to cover a large area without any gaps or the need for additional boards.

Plywood is Lightweight. Plywood has less mass and weight than solid wood, making it perfect for creating custom plywood furniture. Furniture items made from plywood will be lighter than solid wood and will have the same, if not higher, durability than solid wood. Lighter furniture will also become more convenient, especially if you plan to move your furniture in the future.

Plywood is Eco-Friendly. Plywood is engineered wood made from scraps of other wood. Because of this, the manufacturing of plywood is eco-friendly since manufacturers will use the scraps of already fallen trees. Therefore, when more and more builders and furniture makers use plywood as their main material, the number of trees that need to be cut will somehow decrease.

Plywood can be Customized. Solid wood has a grain system that may cause problems when being cut into different dimensions. Because of this grain structure, furniture manufacturers may not always get the same precise cuts with solid wood compared to cutting plywood boards. Furniture makers can precisely cut plywood sheets according to the patterns they need. This precise cutting lessens the amount of waste and allows furniture manufactures to be consistent with their finished products. The less amount of waste from cutting also makes custom plywood furniture cheaper than solid wood items.  

Plywood boards are perfect for furniture making since they look like real wood, are durable, and are easily cut into the desired patterns.


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