The best reason why book pages exist and a plausible explanation help someone recall what he reads. In general, page numbers improve knowledge retention. However, it is often difficult to identify certain portions of the file if a downloaded PDF file lacks page numbers or other page markers.

Hence, the importance of solving this problem is to add page numbers to PDF. Page numbers can help you quickly identify the read position or access crucial portions of the file by inserting page numbers into your PDF. 

This article will discuss how a page number in PDF files may be applied with incredible detail using an online application of PDFBear. You will know after reading it that it is easy to complete this type of task, and you should take this as an opportunity to be more efficient with your electronic documents.

Things About PDFBear

Many individuals are in online courses that rely primarily on digital documents because their lecturers and colleagues have no other means to progress through school and get reading material. Therefore, it is advantageous to use electronic documents to be easily stored, shared, and viewed through different platforms.

However, this is not always the case, but several file managers can help students create a faultless file, both in content and structure. An example of a competent manager of files is PDFBear. This enables the conversion of a range of PDF formats, and other online tools like Add Page Numbers to PDF are one of the essentials available on their website.

PDFBear also offers a variety of other tools to help every user perform their coursework more effectively. A-PDF Merge, PDF Split, a PDF Compress, and a PDF editor are available, and many more are included. It is in your best interest to find a website with a number of online tools to help you with your electronic documents, especially with a PDF file.

How To Add Number Pages In Your PDF File

Page numbers are primarily intended to make it easier to browse digitally by making it possible for the markers on the PDF readers to match the PDF page numbers. While some PDFs don’t start with page numbers, it is essential to grasp how to add numerous pages to PDF documents.

Furthermore, the constant display of document page numbers makes navigation more comprehensible and predictable. For example, you can easily navigate through any page as long as you are guided with a number page. In addition, it will be simpler to skim over the page by using page numbering and assign if the PDF gives a page number.

  1. Type the “Add page numbers into PDF” function on the PDFBear homepage and then use the “Select a File” button to choose one or more PDF files from the local device. You may also download your Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive files through a URL connection.
  1. Thumbnails of all pages of the selected PDF file will be shown on the interface. Click the sign in the top right corner of each thumbnail page to zoom in and explore the page’s content. Next, you may customize your page numbers.
  1. Once all selections have been finished, just hit the “Add Page Number” button. This website now starts uploading your PDF and produces a new page-numbered document.
  1. Once everything is set, the PDFBear will provide you a download link on the resulting page once the operation is finished. Tap “Download” to save the file to your storage space. Meanwhile, you may save or share it via email to anybody on your cloud storage.

Superb Security Features

The best thing that you can rely on PDFBear is not only with the online tools available on its website and the convenient features. You can also rely on its superb security features that allow you to be confident in uploading your electronic documents in its system. You don’t need to hesitate in uploading your confidential information online as their security system protects it.

It is given that they are handling thousands of electronic documents every day. They make sure that every information uploaded in their system is secure and deletes every processed electronic document an hour later to keep it safer than ever.


The advancement of our technology is both a benefit for everyone and a vital tool in a changing society. It helps us in specific ways and many ways. Unfortunately, only a few examples are presented of how valued and comfortable technology may be.


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