When a baby girl is born, her mother thinks of dressing her child like a Disney princess. To put pretty hair clips and headband, paint her nails and shower them with all their love. Anyone who is preparing to welcome a newborn in their life is busy preparing their home to adjust to the changes required for welcoming the new member. 

You would also have to make some space in your wardrobe to fit in baby clothing. The most comfortable clothes you can buy for a newborn are baby girl onesies, jumpers, bodysuits, and rompers. If you are expecting a baby for the first time, you are most likely not aware of what a baby onesie is and why it is suitable for your child. So, let’s read further and understand what a baby onesie is. 

What Are Onesies?

You must have seen a newborn baby wearing a one-piece of clothing that looks like a t-shirt with an opening from the bottom. This piece of clothing is called a onesie that exposes the thigh and the arms of a baby. They are a combination of a t-shirt and a diaper for babies. Onesies are an extremely comfortable and easy to wear baby clothing option. 

You might also find onesies called by the names such as babygrow, bodysuits, creepers and baby shirts. They are an ideal choice of clothing for any child from the first month to 19 months. After discovering what a onesie is, you must be keen on knowing what its benefits are. So, below, there are a few benefits that should explain why your infant needs onesies. 

1.Comes in Different Sizes

The size and weight of babies quickly change from when they are born because of how fast they grow every day. Onesies come in different sizes and are very affordable. Also, it is vital to change your child’s clothes at least three times a day to maintain hygiene and safety. Babies have super sensitive skin and can quickly get infections and rashes if you are not paying attention to changing their diapers and clothes frequently.

2.Easily Washable 

Onesies are made up of cotton. So you do not have to take special care of the fabric. However, you must disinfect the clothes before you use them again. Avoid using hard detergents to protect the sensitive skin of your child.

3.Soft and Gentle Fabric

As you know, cotton is a very soft and breathable fabric. That does not cause any itchiness or rash on the skin. You can also find baby grows made of rayon and bamboo that are also soft materials. 

4.Easy to Wear 

Onesies have buttons only at the crotch. You just have to carefully put the hands and head of your baby through the openings and button them at the bottom. Also, make sure you buy baby clothes that have wide neck and arm openings. 

5.Worn as an Undergarment

Onesies are worn under dresses, pants, shorts, skirts and other baby costumes because they offer comfort to babies. The different fabrics used in baby clothes are not as soft as the ones used to make baby suits and jumpers. So, if you want to make sure that your baby feels comfortable and has a peaceful time, you should keep this in mind. 

Hopefully, you are now sorted with the idea of what and why your child needs baby girl onesies. 


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