No doubt that most women love jewellery. They’d have minimal wear and party wears in their collection. But when it comes to watches, many forget that they are an inescapable part of the jewellery collection. Like jewellery, one has to make quick choices to pick the right watch piece for a suitable occasion. People buy women’s watches without considering several critical aspects. Picking out an impressive watch piece is not how it works.

Shopping for women’s watches can be an exhausting task as there are so many options one would come across. Picking a watch that best suits is the key to hassle-free shopping. Unfortunately, many miss out on this prime point and end up making a wrong choice only to regret it after they reach home. So, shooting the common questions, what to consider before picking a watch? How to recognize an ideal watch piece? Perhaps, nothing is a perfect timepiece unless it doesn’t match the wearer. But there certainly are a few tips to make suitable watch choices like a pro!

Here are some guidelines and points to remember to pick one’s ideal watch. 

The Occasion

Before buying a watch, it is important to consider if it is for a particular day? Or a random addition to the watch collection? If it is for a special event, then considering certain factors can help. Think, if the party is minimal or grand. Also, do not forget to count the outfit and cross-check if the watch would go well with it.

Designer watches can be a good choice for grand parties and weddings. But for a date night or a get-together, a classic or trendy piece is perfect and would fetch compliments. A digital sports watch to the gym can be of great help for fitness freaks.

Skin Tone

For anyone wondering how to know their skin tone, here are some tips. There are only two categories of skin shades- warm and cool. Frequently, the fairest skin colour falls into a warm tone, and the rest have the other skin tone. 

Picking the right colours that match the skin tone is a point many are missing. So for anyone with a warm skin tone, colours like brown, mustard yellow, gold and olive can complement their skin shade greatly. Emeralds, shades of blue and pink can be a better option for anyone with a dull skin tone. However, some colours can go well with either type, like teal, baby pink and red.

Dial Size

Undoubtedly women’s watches have dials smaller than those of men’s. But again, there are some options with the dial sizes too. Though it all goes with preference, it is better to pick the dial size considering the wrist measurement. So do not forget to have the wrist measurements noted before shopping.

Strap Options

Dilemmas arise when making the strap choice. But to make the journey easy, here are some ideas,

  • Bracelet straps could be a great option if one wants to have that designer piece decorated with marvellous gemstones. Some rubies and yellow diamonds can do all the magic!
  • Metal straps of gold and platinum are a classic timepiece for any occasion. However, rose gold is now becoming a popular choice and goes well for every skin tone.
  • Leather straps are still in the vogue track and are a perfect choice for daily usage and go well with most outfits.

Hopefully, anyone can now buy women’s watches for themselves or their female friends, giving them a practical and beneficial gift for life.


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