There are so many professionals that need a special outfit for the employees. These outfits are for their protection while working on the workplace. Mainly professional linked with the construction work like building, tunnel, road, highways, etc. are definitely provided high visibility clothing.

Another category of professional work in oil and gas companies, rescue department, and even medical staff are given the unique high visibility clothing for their protection. People are given high visibility clothing as per their work type. Depending on uses in the specific occupation, the work categories have been defined. Let us know about some kind of categories for high visibility clothing.

Types of High visibility clothing: 

There are high visibility winter jacket, shirt, trousers, female wear and several other kinds available as per the occupation needs. High Vis clothing is available in below types:

Type O: 

This category falls into Class 1 and is intended for off road usage. Workers fall into this category are associated with the several industries that includes service location workers, warehousing, oil and gas extraction workers, refinery workers, and mining.

 Type R: 

Type R clothing belongs to class 2 and 3 workers. Type R, class 2 is for road construction worker, airport ramp worker, or municipality worker. Class 3 is for those who work in the transportation department, flaggers, some start DOT, and municipality worker.

Type R clothing is given to employees work in more sensitive and risk environment. High Vis clothing is required and features more background fluorescent material and wider retro-reflective tape, and additional reflective square inches needed.

Type P: 

This category falls for professional work for public safety like police, sheriff, fire, or EMS. High visibility winter jacket, women trouser, high visibility shirt everything is provided, and the clothes are manufactured with ultimate cure. All the properties are carefully crafted in the clothing. The special clothing is ANSI approved. That is mainly responsible for the high definition featured of the clothing.

Factor responsible for the high definition feature of clothing: 

When you see high definition clothing like high visibility winter jacket or any other type, you must think of the colour or the apparel, like a fluorescent yellow/green, orange/red, and fluorescent red. If you guessed this, then you are partially correct.

Mainly there are two component that makes the clothing highly visible, and its safety feature protects the worker in a risky workplace.

There has to be a specified amount of ANSI certified fluorescent background fabric.

The second criteria is specified amount in proper design of ANSI certified retroreflective tape.


People who work in a risky environment must be provided with high vis clothing. This is the responsibility of the company, and also it gives a welcoming feeling to the workers, and they do their best. Whether the worker belongs to a particular category like a firefighter, a police officer, a construction worker, a surveyor, or crossing school guard, all are required to wear high visibility clothing, so they can ensure their safety to save others.


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