Every wedding is followed by the honeymoon to feel the height of those unprecedented moments that are going to stay whole life. However, after the countless expenses of a wedding, it can be challenging to plan a honeymoon trip that fits in your budget. But hey!! Some ways can help you plan a budget-friendly honeymoon. 

Make a Separate Fund before Marriage 

This could be the best thing to do. When you know that honeymoon is the ultimate thing to happen after marriage, you should plan for it beforehand. Something so desirable should be backed-up with due arrangements.

  • Start saving some money from monthly salary months before you get married
  • Make a small investment that you can encash after marriage 
  • Sell unused and old assets to generate some extra cash for those lovely days
  • Arrange an additional income and do not touch the money for any other purpose

Somewhere you have to take out the possibilities for gathering funds. The task may look big, but in reality, it is a cakewalk if you plan your personal finances well. 

Never Spend Too Much On Clothes 

Exactly, most of the couples are almost crazy for buying new and fancy dresses for their honeymoon. Perhaps somewhere in the eagerness to flaunt their love, they forget the budget. But that is not the correct approach because it can spoil disturb your budget. 

  • Buy unisex clothes, and it can save a lot of money and also it can be a beautiful excuse to share the fragrance of each other. You know you are convinced with this idea, right?
  • Special are the moments and not the clothes. Invest in your relationship and not inexpensive clothes. It is the other side of the coin that you should see.
  • Make your old clothes new with some experiments. Remember those old jeans? Why not put some crystal stones or small shining stars on its waistline. It will live in a new life.
  • Pair your neutral colour muffler with a bright colour t-shirt and wear a completely new look. It is all in your vision to see an old thing in the new manner.
  • The newlywed wife can wear the t-shirt of her husband and can make her husband wear a woollen cap woven by her. It can be exciting as well as touchy for both of you. 

Do Not Copy Others 

You know what; most of the people are tend to spend more money when they copy other people in society. Marriage is not something that one can copy in style. It is an entirely individual experience that couples get when they tie a knot with each other.

  • Never decide your honeymoon destination to compete with a friend or family member. 
  • Take mutual decisions on the trip package and decide how to make it more-friendly to budget.
  • Follow the mutual feel you both have in the relationship. 

Visit Place That Belongs To Your Childhood

It usually is not expensive to visit your birthplace with your partner. Is it? Certainly, not. Why not go to your birthplace for a honeymoon, it can be a new experience. Do not underestimate the importance of this suggestion. The idea is unique and also less heavy for your personal finances. 

  • With romance, you can know each other well by understanding the roots of your husband/wife
  • If it is a village, it can act as a tourist spot like many villages do due to their heritage value.
  • The stay become incredibly inexpensive and you can do things under budget.
  • You can plan for your future if you want to settle in your native place. It can be a new insight.

Hire a Travel Agent 

Professional help can give you a new insight into the budget-friendly honeymoon trips. They can make you familiar with every nook and cranny of the trip packages. 

  • Travel agents have done it many times and know well what the customers want. 
  • They can help distribute your finances between the wedding and honeymoon expenses.
  • Travel agents can also suggest best and affordable places where you get a lifetime experience. 
  • They can help understand the terminology of the travel world. 
  • If you are going outside the country, they can tell about the culture and laws of the place


The planning for marriage related things is always tricky, but with the correct approach, you can turn impossible into possible. Every person irrespective of his/her financial condition has the right to enjoy the happy moments of honeymoon. The only need is to respect the individual budgetary limits. Whether you earn well or you are a bankrupt living on the help of very bad credit loans with no guarantor and no broker to save money, you should enjoy. Just make sure a smart plan is there to help you. All the best for those loving moments!! ☺ ☺


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