When it comes to men’s style, spring is the perfect time to refresh your look. Guys will undoubtedly need a different wardrobe and self-care regimen as they spend more time outdoors. The right grooming and styling regimen is the best way to get ready for warmer temperatures. Swap out your winter style with smart ideas to carry you to summer. 

1. Refresh Your Men’s Clothing  

When it gets warm outside, it’s time to store those thick fabrics and heavy, layered looks. Shop for lightweight men’s essentials to replace winter materials and old, worn clothes. It’s always a great idea to begin with a pack of fresh, clean tees. Whether you’re wearing joggers or khakis, the short-sleeve crew neck t-shirt or v-neck t-shirt is a solid foundation for a classic spring outfit. If you like this look, it’s a good idea to shop for plenty of white tees and neutral colors to go with chinos or jeans. 

For a traditional, clean tee other than white, a grey crew neck t-shirt looks great with khakis and denim. Shades like oatmeal and military are excellent for outdoor work or spring dates. Layer your tees with a button-up t-shirt or a pullover hoodie. Besides wearing your favorite men’s soft t-shirts in the right colors for the season, you’ll get an on-trend look with henleys and polos. Light blue and navy blue shirts match everything from linen pants to light denim jeans. 

2. Schedule a Fresh Spring Haircut 

Now that you have a proper spring wardrobe, it’s time to clean yourself up with a new haircut. Ask your barber for a refresh or take a chance with an on-trend look that you haven’t tried before. For a guy’s style that will turn heads, try options like the high fade haircut and mid-fade cut. These looks keep hair off the neck and make you feel more relaxed during the day. 

Other trend-forward styles for guys this spring include the tapered fade and the close-cropped fade. For a longer look, go with the comb-over fade or the razor fade. The buzz crop and French cut are still popular this year if you’re aiming for a classic appearance. 

While getting a new haircut, ask your barber to trim your facial hair. Longer beards and mustaches look cleaner during spring when they’re cut short. They’re also sure to keep you feeling cooler outdoors. 

If you cut off your beard or mustache for spring, consider adding sideburns or some stubble. Give yourself a rugged appearance without adding to your chances of having springtime skin problems. Whatever cut or style you choose, your fresher look will make you feel like you’re ready for new growth and possibilities. 

3. Get a Men’s Facial 

If you’ve never had a men’s facial, spring is an excellent time to get one. Spas and dermatology offices design specialized regimens for men. Guys have larger pores and rougher skin than women. When you get a customized facial for guys, the goal is to freshen up and exfoliate your skin. Along with having a smoother face and neck, a facial can help to remove blackheads and clogged dirt. While your aesthetician will focus on clean and fresh skin, you may also receive masks or moisturizers to help with acne or skin aging. 

Besides scheduling an appointment, you don’t have to do much to get ready for a facial for men. Be sure you’re not sunburned and haven’t waxed in the days leading up to your session. You’ll enjoy a relaxing session that will help to reveal your best features and set you up for a season of excellent skin health. 

While you’re there, you can ask the professional for tips on swapping out winter moisturizers for lightweight products. It’s also a wonderful time to ask about SPF and men’s sun protection, which is necessary for preventing lines and wrinkles while you’re outside. 

4. Shop for Spring Accessories & Shoes 

It’s easy for most guys to pick out new spring clothes, but what about accessories and shoes? Men forget these items when the priority is crew neck tees and lighter pants. Put heavier boots in the closet with your winter coats, and then get ready to shop for go-to springtime footwear like desert boots and boat shoes. 

Some guys may like wearing loafers or oxfords made with lighter materials and colors. Espadrilles are becoming more popular for men and will help you carry your look into summer. Slip-on shoes and sneakers will look great with light denim and joggers, especially with a fresh henley shirt or zip-up hoodie. 

Spring is an excellent time to show off your men’s accessories with short sleeves. Leather watches and beaded bracelets are casual and relaxed enough for the season. Stainless steel chains are sophisticated and understated for a casual or dressed-up spring look. Pick up a few pairs of polarized sunglasses with reflective lenses in colors like blue or green. If you want style and sun protection in one accessory, Panama hats and straw hats are good choices.

5. Find a New Spring Scent 

If you’re still wearing your signature winter scent, it’s time to swap it out for something lighter. Give off a more playful or outdoorsy feel with fragrances that include notes of bergamot or lavender. Many of the best men’s spring scents have black pepper or neroli hints. Floral musk and ginger evoke a fresh feel without smelling too soft. 

Whether you prefer roll-ons of essential oils or cologne, citrus and spicy scents will always smell attractive during spring. You can also go with a spray-on or roll-on fragrance that includes amber or olive tree. 

With your cologne, look for body washes and moisturizers with similar scents. Be sure to test them on a small portion of your skin to ensure they are suitable for you before using them in the shower. Look for new aftershaves or deodorants as well. If your skin’s sensitive or you’re looking for an eco-friendly option, shop for products labeled “clean.” These items do not include ingredients that include known carcinogens or irritants. They’re also free of endocrine disruptors that can affect men’s health. 

Getting Your Fresh Look for Spring 

A refresh of your wardrobe and a review of your self-care will have you feeling fresh and clean for the spring season. Like your crew necks and lightweight pants, many of your men’s garments can be used throughout the summer months. Have fun experimenting with your newest look for the warmer months. You may find a new haircut or outfit that makes you feel more confident than ever all year long. 


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