If you’re new to riding bikes, the world of bike gear can be a complicated and overwhelming place. And the more you hear about supposed must-have bike accessories, the more expensive cycling seems to be.

The cycling gear rabbit hole is deep, complicated, and pricey. But for those who are new to the sport or just want to make sure they’re equipped for the occasional ride on a rental bike, there’s no need to drown in accessory research.

Here’s a list of actual “must-have” bike accessories. This equipment is essential for your safety and the longevity of the bicycle. When you’re ready, you can look into tricking out your ride. But if you have these 10 items, you’re off to a solid start.

1. Helmet

A Must-have for every bicycle rider. This is the most important thing before riding a bicycle. 

2.  Headlights and Taillights

Early morning or late-night commutes, lights make sure you’re visible and keep you safe. Consider investing in the rechargeable kind as these last quite a while and are uber convenient.

3. Puncture Repair Kit

Fixing a flat/puncture is super simple and fast! But you got to ensure you have these on every ride – a spare inner tube, a hand pump, tire levers, and a patch kit. Fixing a puncture is a 10-minute task on the roadside, and ensures you can continue your ride. For more information, you can contact https://yakkay.com/

4. Cycling Shorts

A good pair of shorts will exponentially increase comfort on the bike, not to mention prevent chafing. Good quality apparel not only makes you look good but also feels good and in a lot of situations enhances safety.

5. Bike Lock

An absolute essential for commuting, definitely don’t leave your bike out in the open without it being locked. One of the first things that riders scrimp on! Invest in a good lock that gives you some confidence in leaving your bicycle locked in public.

6. Water Bottle and Bottle Cage

Humans can’t survive without water, especially while exercising. The mantra is – eat before you’re hungry and drink before you’re thirsty! Get the bottle and keep sipping every 15 minutes.

7. Saddle Bag

Possibly the most convenient item on this list. Almost everything can go in here, your phone, a spare tube, cash and sits out of the way below your saddle. Ensures your pockets are free to enjoy your ride!

8. Pollution Mask

Let’s face it, most metros in India are quite polluted. Does not mean you have to stop cycling – a simple mask will prevent you from breathing in the not-so-great stuff and still enjoying the ride.

9. Chain Lubricant

Chains are constantly moving and powering your bicycle forward. Anice cycling-specific chain prevents you from having the dreaded squeaky chain, while also saving you a bit of cash in the long run. Stick to bicycle chain lubes!

10. Cycling Gloves

Gloves qualify as must-have bike accessories for several reasons.

First, they protect your hands in the event of an accident. Second, they prevent friction and blisters. Plus, there are plenty of glove types for all riding types for men and women.

The third, lesser-known benefit is that cycling gloves protect your ulnar nerve.


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