Whenever we talk about drugs, we cannot ignore the harmful effects associated with them. Alcohol is one of the most demanding drugs in the USA and the overconsumption of alcohol has caused multiple societal problems. 

Do you know that if you consume three or more standard drinks within two hours, the chances of addiction to this drink are high? So, it is mandatory to consume this drug in a controlled form and it can be even better if you avoid the consumption at any limit. Let’s dig in detail to know why it is mandatory to control alcohol drinking:

Binge Drinking is Harmful 

From mild to excessive consumption, alcohol is harmful however binge drinking is somehow more dangerous. The effects vary from person to person as females get more affected especially if they are pregnant. 

You can be an addicted person when four standard drinks become the normal routine and you do not skip a single day consuming the drug. This can prove extremely dangerous to health and this is a reason that binge drinking is not recommended. 

Lack of Concentration at Work 

An alcoholic person doesn’t stay active while being at work. He can lose concentration level at work and ultimately, poor business decisions can cause loss. So, if you go to clubs randomly, try to control the drinking habit there. Meanwhile, it is also vital to avoid social gatherings where friends drink alcohol. This will help you stay at bay. 

Moderate Drinking is Somehow Safe 

Study shows that moderate drinking is not as harmful as excessive drinking is. You should keep an eye on the glass size while making sure that it doesn’t contain more than 5 ounces of wine. It won’t let you feel addicted but exceeding the limit or consuming alcohol multiple times in a single day can put you on a path to addiction. 

Age Matters a Lot 

At a young age, drinking alcohol is not good because it can worsen the effects. Those who start drinking after 21 do not get as many effects as teenagers do. This is a reason that alcohol is prohibited in high schools, however it doesn’t mean that you can consume alcohol as much as you want. So, make sure that you control the drinking habit as otherwise, you may have to go through alcohol withdrawal syndrome in case of addiction.

Heavy Drinking leads Poor Performance 

It doesn’t matter whether you are in school or at work, heavy drinking can affect your performance badly. Your grades can get affected even if you were a brilliant student in the past. However, if you make sure to stay away from alcohol, maintaining the performance can be easier for you. 

A man who drinks 15 glasses a week means that he is highly addicted whereas, for a woman, 8 glasses a week make them addicted. So, you should always keep an eye on alcohol consumption.

Excessive Drinking Causes Alcohol Use Disorder 

Are you aware of the term AUD? The American Psychiatric Association has published a report that can let you know the symptoms of alcohol use disorder. So, if you drink heavily, try to ponder the symptoms of AUD below:

  • Consuming more alcohol even when you are not intended to do because clearly depicts that you have lost control.
  • Spending a large time in bars or clubs
  • Giving up extra-curricular activities or recreational work
  • Losing hope or spending the days absent-minded 
  • Continuing alcohol when you have to drive or attend a social gathering 
  • Planning to quit but still drinking it every day 

So, if you find any of the above-mentioned symptoms in yourself, it clearly shows that you have an alcohol use disorder. So, right at the time when these symptoms start appearing, you should get yourself checked by a doctor. Instant medication can help you quit this habit. 

Excessive Intake makes it Hard to Quit

There can be a time when you feel like quitting the consumption of alcohol. However, excessive intake can actually make it hard for a person to quit because he may have to suffer alcohol withdrawal syndrome. This is a reason that we recommend you control the alcohol habit and avoid it as much as you can. 

Common withdrawal symptoms include headache, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, and many more. Addiction of anything is prohibited and whenever you feel addicted, seek help from a rehabilitation center. 

Treatment of Addicted Person is Mandatory 

Excessive consumption of alcohol means that you cannot get rid of this drug unless you get yourself treated at a rehabilitation center. Mild alcohol withdrawal is easy however if you feel like the drug is your survival then it is crucial to seek help from a specialist.

Every single day, five people die due to heavy intake. So, treatment of addicted persons is mandatory. However, a person can never recover if he doesn’t show the willpower to quit the habit of drinking. 

People become hyper anxious, shaky, and restless when they leave alcohol suddenly. Your past usage describes which type of treatment you need. Well, you can avoid these problems once you make sure to control the habit of drinking. 

Moderate Alcohol Use Can Reduce the Risk of Diabetes

A healthy diet is mandatory along with the moderate consumption of alcohol. It can actually reduce the risk of diabetes while some heart benefits are also associated with it. You can even forget about the stress or depression in your life with a little consumption of alcohol. However, if you feel like controlling drug use is hard for you, it is better to not go near it. 

Heavy Consumption Increases the Consumption of Alcohol 

The use of alcohol is not harmful unless you are consuming it in a very little amount. However, heavy consumption increases the risk of breast cancer in ladies, especially those who drink during pregnancy. In short, these are some useful facts that everyone should be aware of. So, people should ensure controlled use only.


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