There have been a variety of slot machine types over the years, the game has evolved with the times. The following are some of the most popular types of slot machines out there or play now. 

Video slot 

The slot that most players would have encountered is the video slot. This is the standard slot machine commonly found in casinos and in online sites. As the name implies, this slot uses a video screen to show the reels moving, there is no mechanical element involved. As a result, these slots are much more flexible than their mechanical counterparts. They can show multiple screens and have a variety of gameplay bonuses that they otherwise would not be able to feature. Players enjoy the video slot for many reasons, they are easy to play and offer greater flexibility, both in terms of gameplay and accessibility. Video slots that can be played on a mobile device can be played from any location with a wifi connection. 

Jackpot slot 

A jackpot slot is a different kind of slot game, rather than being focussed on the amount that players can accumulate with different wins, this slot will be focussed on winning a much bigger prize. Depending on the jackpot offered, this prize can be a gigantic amount of money. 

  1. Fixed jackpot slots are games which offer a jackpot amount that will stay the same over time. This means that players will win the same amount of cash, no matter how long this jackpot has been left unclaimed.
  2. Progressive jackpot slots are games that offer a jackpot amount that will increase over time. The longer this jackpot is left unclaimed, the higher the amount of cash there can be won. These jackpots often reach huge amounts, sometimes they will offer millions to the winning player.
  3. Generally, entering a progressive jackpot is the best way to go as it will offer players the bigger amount of money. However, one issue that players may have with a progressive jackpot is that they are expensive to enter. If you have a smaller budget, a fixed jackpot is the much wiser choice. 

Mechanical slot 

Slots began as a mechanical contraption. The very first slot game released came in a mechanical form. Many modern slots are attempting to emulate the charm the original slot design had, however it is arguable that the original still has yet to be surpassed. 

●       This slot was lever operated, this meant that to spin the reels players had to pull a gigantic lever located to the side of the machine. Although this may sound fun, it could be cumbersome and difficult, particularly when it weighed a lot!

●       Mechanical slots were easily manipulated by cheating players, there were a variety of methods that players used to manipulate the reels to their favour including opening the machine and turning the reels and using a magnet to get the desired outcome. 

Final Thoughts 

Although most players may be familiar with online slots, when they picture the game in their head the chances are they will be thinking about a mechanical slot.


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