The scalar. davidmorgen is a fun, interactive scale that can be controlled by anyone. It offers more than just what the traditional scales offer, it also helps find out your BMI (body mass index) and allows you to upload your picture on it! The idea for the scalar. davidmorgen came about in a discussion about a year ago. 

My good friend and I were discussing the need for this scale since we weren’t that happy with what was available at that time. We talked about fun features such as every person’s weight being stored in a database and being able to see how you’ve changed over a year. We also talked about other features such as uploading pictures to scale itself and when people step on, the scale would compute their BMI (body mass index).

What type of technology uses the scalar. davidmorgen scale?

The scale itself is made using open-source software using the Arduino UNO microcontroller and other components. The scale can be controlled by any computer or phone that has online connectivity and if not, it runs on a battery lasting about two hours and has connectivity via Bluetooth.

Is it really only $39.95?

Yes! The “” is now being sold on Kickstarter, and at this stage, the price is still $39.95 per scale. We are looking to keep the price low because we want everyone to have an opportunity to have one of their own! If we raise more money than we were hoping for, then the first thing that we would do is improve the scale’s features and open source software for free so that everyone could benefit from it.

When will the scalar. davidmorgen scale be available?

Due to the Kickstarter campaign being relatively new, we are currently working towards our first shipping date at the end of July 2016. As we approach this date, we will set a more exact deadline and make sure that everything is ready well in advance of it.

How does the scalar. davidmorgen scale knows how much I weigh if it’s not connected to the internet?

The scale works as an independent device, and it has several connectivity options. For example, if you have an internet connection on your phone or computer, then that’s enough to work with the scale. If you don’t have access to any connectivity sources, it will still store your weight locally and sync with the cloud once you get back online. Therefore, you will always be able to compare how much you weigh on the scale and off it.

How is the scalar. davidmorgen scale different from other digital scales?

The scalar. davidmorgen scale is not just another digital scale with a fancy display it focuses on the user experience. It offers a lot more than just what the traditional scales offer, such as being able to find out your BMI, while doing that it uploads your picture and saves your weight in a database. It even has the capability of connecting to the cloud and syncing other devices or computers.

What devices does the scalar. davidmorgen scale work on?

The scalar. davidmorgen scale works on any device that has internet connectivity or Bluetooth connectivity as long as you have a Bluetooth enabled phone or computer; however, it can also work independently with an internet connection if none of the two devices is available to use the scalar. davidmorgen scale. It works on android or iOS devices.

How long does the battery last on the scalar. davidmorgen scale?

The battery can last 2 hours on a full charge and it is rechargeable via micro USB with no special charger required; however, this is not always necessary as the battery can be exchanged for additional batteries if needed.


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