Chili powder is a mixture of many spicesused in flavoring curries, meat, and vegetables. It is a combination of cayenne pepper, cumin, garlic powder, oregano, and paprika. The perfect ratio of these spices makes spicy chili powder. To make the chili powder spicier, you can increase the ratio of cayenne pepper. Some chili powder also contains salt for taste, and this can be a concern for those who are avoiding salt.

You can get various flavors of chili powder. Some chili powders are mild in taste, and others are hot. The dark chili powders are smoky and have a sweet flavor. You can also find some chili powders that are labeled hot, but they are still blend in taste. So be careful when choosing chili powder for your recipe.

Chili powder and cayenne pepper

Chili powder and cayenne pepper are both hot spices. People think that cayenne pepper is a substitute for chili powder, however it is not. Ground cayenne pepper is much hotter than chili powder. Cayenne pepper is for those people who like eating extremely spicy food, and surely it is not for those who don’t enjoy eating spicy food.

Whether you use chili powder or cayenne pepper in your cuisine, you need to keep in mind whom you are cooking for. If your guests are not big fans of spicy food, you can use chili powder to slightly spice up the food and to give color to dishes. However, if your guests are fond of spicy food, you can use cayenne pepper but not a lot, as it is eight times spicier than chili powder.

You can get chili powder from mild to moderately spicy depending upon the quantity of cayenne pepper used in it. The perfect blend of spices makes aromatic and savory chili powder. As some chili powder also consists of salt, so you need to keep in mind when you are adding it to your dishes. 

How to use chili powder?

Chili powder is usually added directly to the main ingredient with other spices. You can use chili powder to spice vegetables, curries, gravies, and other dishes. Few pinches of chili powder can be added to any foodfor a spicy taste. You can also use chili powder with other spices to marinate chicken. When chili powder is used in marinating chicken, you will get juicy, spicy, and flavorful chicken. 

How to make chili powder at home?

Chili powder is very easy to make at home. You don’t have to struggle a lot, and it won’t take a longer time. Though you can find various brands of chili powder in the market, it’s better to make chili powder at home. When you go to the supermarket to get chili powder, you will find each brand uses a different ratio of ingredients, and this is the reason why chili powder tastes different.

However, if you are not unable to find perfect chili powder that matches your taste, then you can simply make it at home.

Ingredients you will need:

  • Garlic powder
  • Ground cumin
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Dried leaf oregano
  • Paprika

When you are ready with all these ingredients, all you need to do is mix them all together. You will need two teaspoons garlic powder, two teaspoons ground cumin, one teaspoon cayenne pepper, one teaspoon dried leaf oregano, and one teaspoon paprika. Take a bowl,then mix all the ingredients. Your chili powder is ready.

You can increase the spiciness of chili powder by adding cayenne pepper. And make sure you store chili powder in a tight container. If the lid of the container is loose, chili powder might lose its aroma and flavor.  And if you regularly use chili powder in your dishes, ensure that you don’t make it in large quantities because you will constantly open the lid of the jar, which can decrease the flavor in chili powder. So, you can just make chili powder for a few weeks or for a month.

Also, you need to make sure that you are using fresh ingredients while making chili powder. The freshness of the spices enhances the flavor of chili powder. You also need to ensure that you keep the jar of chili powder away from moisture. To keep humidity away from the chili powder jar and to protect your eyes from vapor, you need to make sure that you store it in a dark and cold place. 

Benefits of chili powder

Chili powder does add a lot of flavor to the dishes and also contributes to health. As chili powder is a combination of spices, it gives flavor to the dishes and nutrients to the body. It has various vitamins that the body needs. Chili powder has vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, and other B vitamins. 


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