Summary: Unless you are sure of the types of Vinyl Decals available, you cannot choose the best one for your business. Check out its application process as well.

Thanks to customized vinyl decals, it becomes way easier for you to apply the stickers on any and most of the intricate designs to any possible surface. It is one way to promote your business and ensure that people are well-aware of your brand name. Right from sticking up the decals on cars to storefronts, you can place it almost anywhere you want. You can order for the black or white colored decals, or can even choose to go with the full-color version. These decals are currently available in multiple shapes and sizes. They are pretty durable in nature, and meant for the outdoor or indoor use.

Learning about the application process:

There are some DIY ways, in which you can currently apply the present vinyl decals and mainly in few steps. These tips will help you to receive a professional looking application in the end, minus the unwanted air bubbles.

Whenever you are installing Vinyl Decals for the first time, make sure to apply it on the best surface region. There are some surface regions, where these stickers won’t function properly. So, try and avoid those places. Vinyl decal or stickers will not work on faded paint, pitted cement, rubber, rusted metallic surface, textured plastic areas or in oily surfaces.

Generally speaking, vinyl can easily stick on almost any possible surface, which is smooth, non-porous and clean. Some of those acceptable surface areas are vehicles, metals, glass, plastic, acrylic or any high glossy areas, fiberglass, wood which is painted with glossy enamel and other painted surfaces, which are glossy, smooth and not faded.

Before placing any of the decals, make sure to clean the surface first. You can use some household cleaners for the purpose. After washing the spot, thoroughly dry it up using a lint-free clean cloth. For applying vinyl, the surface temperature needs to be above 55 degree F.

Make sure to measure and then mark the spot, where you are planning to apply vinyl. For that, a water-soluble pencil is your charm. Precision marking will always help in proper level application. After marking the spot, take the decal and tape the corners. Then start peeling off the stickers from one end and sticking it on the surface at the same time.

The two major types available:

There are mainly two types of vinyl decal or stickers available. One is the adhesive vinyl and another one is the heat transfer vinyl. Under the adhesive section, you will receive some version of Oracal as 631, 641, 651, 751, 951, 5600, 6510, 8300, 8510 and much more. Then under the heat adhesive section, you have options such as Siser EasyWood, Siser EasyWood Matte, Stretch, Electric, Extra, Glow and so much more.

Depending on your usability, you can choose any possible vinyl decal for your business. It helps people to know more about your existence and gain your company the much needed human traffic. Just be sure to get your vinyl stickers printed from a reputed center, and there’s no stopping you from there. 


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