It is fun to see your favorite products online without moving and getting those delivered to your house. The process of purchasing items you love is now more convenient as it is just one click away. It saves your time and sometimes money if you go for sales.

From home items to fashion, almost everything is offered to you online and accessible. But sometimes these transactions don’t go very smoothly if the e-retailor is interested in fraud.

There is a huge number of unlucky people who receive nothing or just random non-useable packages from online shopping pages. To save yourself from any scam, make sure you consider some tips before hitting any virtual store.

Shop from the reputable sellers

It will be secure if you shop from any virtual store that also owns a retailer outlet. You can also save the details of your favorite shopping site in your bookmark to get quick access.

 Avoid typing your brands in the browser bar as many scammers make the same but fake website and if you purchase anything from there, the scammer might get the chance to misuse your personal and credit card information.

For example, if you are living in Australia and find yourself in a need of a good pair of sneakers, before clicking on any purchase randomly on any website make sure they have sneaker shops Australia.  

Don’t browse and purchase using public Wi-Fi

When you are outside or having a cup at a coffee shop, never make any purchase by using their internet. There might be chances of being spied on by the person sitting at the next table to track your personal information including your name, ID, or credit card number.

Any ID thief would love to grab information about you to use it for any illegal purpose.

Check the site security

Make sure that the website you are looking for shopping has the lock icon in the browser bar. It will help you to verify that the website is using SSL (secure sockets layers) encryption.

The URL of your shopping website must start with HTTPS instead of just HTTP. Buying from secure websites will reduce the risk of unmasking the data and also ensure you that it will not be compromised.

Always pay with the credit

Using a credit card for your online payments will save you from scammers. As it doesn’t provide any information to the seller about your money. Also, the seller will not get direct access to your bank account.

Some credit cards offer a liability of 0$ to avoid any fraud.

Make it a habit to check your credit card statements once a week to notice any fraudulent charges. If any scammer tries to make any purchase using your card information, your company will save you by investigating and sending you a new credit card.

Track your items

When you are done with any online purchase don’t close your tabs to see that it is headed your way. Many merchants refuse to give shipping information in the case of fraud.

If your request for tracking gets rejected, contact your credit card issuer to remove the charges from the bill.


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