For those who may not know, a Pregnancy Chiropractor Redwood City is a specialist in spinal manipulation who helps pregnant women relieve common aches and pains. They also provide invaluable assistance to expecting mothers by taking into account their individual needs during this transitional period. One of the top 5 things expectant mothers can expect to experience from a pregnancy chiropractor is relief from their back pain, which becomes more severe as the number of weeks spent with the child increases. This post looks at how their treatments can help alleviate pre-existing aches that an expecting mother might be experiencing, as well as tendencies towards developing new types of pain such as musculoskeletal or neurological conditions related to the upcoming birth and life with his/her baby.

Preventing Back and Pelvic Pain

In general, scoliosis does not worsen during pregnancy. However, an expecting mother may experience significantly more pain in her back and pelvic region. Massage therapy is a great way to reduce this discomfort. A pregnancy chiropractor can help a woman deal with this pain through the use of different massage techniques like trigger point therapy, lymphatic drainage massage, and sports massage, among others. These types of massages are great for alleviating pain and stress in an expecting mother’s back muscles as well as soft tissue structures like ligaments, tendons, and nerves.

Back Pain Before Pregnancy

If an expecting mother has any issues with her back during her reproductive years, a pregnancy chiropractor can help prevent the pain from turning into a chronic condition. At times, normal movements can cause aches and pains in one’s back. A pregnancy chiropractor helps alleviate these irritated muscles and nerves by using various massage techniques on her back and pelvic region to prevent this from further getting worse. However, pregnant women are more susceptible to aches and pains related to specific activities or poses in which they may be put. For example, back pain may occur when squatting down due to the increased weight of a pregnant woman’s abdomen.

Musculoskeletal Issues and Articular Dysfunction

A pregnancy chiropractor can also help an expecting mother deal with joint dysfunction and musculoskeletal pain in the body. In some cases, joint dysfunction is caused by the excessive weight gain experienced during pregnancy. Many women begin to experience swelling in their fingers and ankles, both of which can be addressed by a pregnancy chiropractor. Some women also experience hip, pelvic, and lower back pain due to the increased weight of their abdomen. This is why it is so important that a woman consults a professional in order to ensure that the pain does not turn into anything more serious so she can have a healthy pregnancy as well as delivery.

Neurological Conditions in Pregnancy

It is more common for women to experience migraines, neck or back pain as they enter their third trimester. A pregnancy chiropractor can help an expecting mother get rid of this pain through different massage techniques including trigger point therapy, lymphatic drainage massage, and sports massage. When done well, these therapies relax a woman’s muscle tissues and nervous system, which are the underlying causes of the pain she is experiencing. More importantly, a pregnancy chiropractor will be able to help her manage any other neurological conditions that she may be experiencing during this period like carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). This leads us to our next point.

Preventing Pregnancy-Related Neurological Conditions

CTS can begin to manifest between the third and fourth trimesters. A pregnancy chiropractor can help an expecting mother prevent this type of condition from worsening by massaging her shoulders, neck, and back on a regular basis. As it is directly related to a woman’s nerves, these therapies can help ease tension in these soft tissues. A pregnancy chiropractor will also offer advice to ensure that an expecting mother’s posture and spinal alignment are correct while offering massage therapy. These techniques are one of the top 5 things expectant mothers can expect from a pregnancy chiropractor because they are effective in easing pain and preventing issues like CTS from developing later in their pregnancies.


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