The hair protects us from direct exposure to UV rays. It also plays a significant role in making one look beautiful. The hair adds to the beauty of an individual. It is thus very important to take care of your hair and know all about the pros and cons of using any equipment like a hairdryer, hair straightener, etc, on your hair. Here are some of the important tips to use a hairdryer in the right way, so you avoid damaging your hair consciously or unconsciously.

  • The distance of the hairdryer from your hair

Try to keep the hair dryer 6 to 8 inches away from your hair. The more near it is to your hair the more it may damage the quality of your hair. It is even recommended by the most hairstylist to use the dryer from a distance. As the hot air of the dryer might make your hair more vulnerable which would lead to the hair fall resulting in thin hair which you definitely would not want.

  • Heat management

After towel drying your hair, use medium heat with a high speed of air. If you use a high temperature, that may again make your hair vulnerable and put it at the risk of getting damaged. Blow your hair with medium heat until your hair is 80% dry. In this way, your hair will remain stylish and healthy. It is always recommended to use the dryer only when there is urgency, but in that case, you should follow these tips to use the hairdryer in the right way.

  • Duration

When you use the dryer make sure you do not blow one section of your hair for a longer duration. Keep moving the dryer throughout your hair in different sections to avoid the risk of your hair getting damaged. Also, keep in mind that the dryer does not point towards the scalp as that might affect the health of your hair.

  • Direction

Another most significant thing that has to be kept in mind is the direction of the hair dryer while using it. While drying your hair always make sure that you blow the dryer from top to the bottom that is from the roots to the ends otherwise it may lead to split ends and other hair problems.

  • Section the hair

While drying the hair you might often use the dryer over the whole bunch of your hair. But this is not the right way to do it. First, try to divide your hair into different sections, now use the dryer in each of these sections one by one from the roots towards the ends in the direction of the hair growth to get the best results.

These are a few tips that you are supposed to follow when you use a hairdryer. If you do not have a hairdryer, you can get one at a very low price. The hairdryers are not expensive. The minimum price of a hair dryer is around 700. So, get one and follow the above tips to get the best result without damaging your hair.


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