There is no special recipe to start – sustain – or endure a small business. Instead, there are lessons that you can learn from entrepreneurs who have figured out what works best for them along the way.

After the coronavirus outbreak, the intense pressure of survival on small business owners made things worse for them. Mainly because there were no lessons or examples to look back at as a crisis of such nature had struck the world after a hundred years.

Even after that, many businesses got hold of the situation and started to do everything and anything that can grow their chances of survival. For instance, a business that had little intention of making its business available for the internet audience jumped on the bandwagon and digitalized its business.

Similarly, a business that had purely invested to operate in the marketplace not only had to bring its business back at home but had to equip with the essentials such as high-speed internet like Hughes satellite internet service at home.

This shows that by time be it a small business or large, entrepreneurs everyone can learn to survive. However, if you have just taken the first step on the business market there’s a lot that you have to enable to ensure a full-proof business strategy.

To help you up with this, we have collected pieces of advice by women entrepreneurs that can help you understand what businesses go through in their journey and how to keep their heads high.

“Let Your Friends Help You”

The owner of String Thing Studio, Felicia Eve’s advice comes from six years of experience. The owner of a yarn shop in Brooklyn, N.Y, Felicia, says that she didn’t realize how strong the community was until the pandemic hit the ground.

After having a disaster with the landlord last summer, Felicia at one point decided to put up a poster outside her shop telling people how much she owed to the landlord in terms of the shop’s rent.

Later on, after she took the poster down, Felicia found her friends urging her to let them help and fundraise to pay the rent. After intense no no, and please please, Felicia finally said yes to her friends, and they immediately set up a GoFundMe page for her.

And within only a few hours, she was able to raise over $30,000. This amount was not only overwhelming but the realization of how your community helps you at the time of need was equally baffling. 

“Befriend Your Competitors”

The Founder of Grid & Glam, Corinne Morgan worked on Wall Street before. The cutthroat situation at Wall Street revealed a different kind of competition and pressure on her.

However, she then claims that after setting up her own organization she started connecting with people that are often regarded as “competitors” in business language. She said that she was continuously searching and connecting with people in the industry that were not only more established but also those who have more knowledge and experience. 

Not only did she manage to connect with people while not asking them for any favor in return, rather she only put herself forward to help others in their business. 

Fortunately, people then managed to suggest her name to the publications for interviews and tried to make her space in the podcast. This source of friendship not only helped her gain more clients but eventually had the greatest impact on her personal as well as professional life. 

“Hire a Business Coach”

When you start a business, a lot of thoughts go into your mind. Especially when you want your business to operate on minimal resources and achieve success in minimal time. 

Such worrisome thoughts started penetrating the mind of Jessie Cohen the founder of Jessie Cohen PR & Consulting. After talking to her sister about her troubles, she figured out that she needs to hire a busies coach to keep the business operating. 

Jessie managed to hire Lara, a trained therapist and a busies coach to help her understand where she’s wrong and what she needs to do to keep her business in the competition. 

Do What Works Best For You

While it’s important to keep lessons and advice from other entrepreneurs in the head, but when you are trying a new business you need to open yourself for new experiences. With new experiences come failures and with failures come lessons. 


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