Drug testing has been a part of our society for decades, but is now more relevant than ever with legalization in some states. One type of drug test that you may not have heard about is the EZ Splice Key Cup Drug Test. What does this type of drug test entail, and how can it help to keep people safe from drugs? In this article, we’ll be going over everything that you need to know about the EZ Split key cup drug test and why they’re so important for keeping people safe from things like marijuana poisoning.

What Is the EZ Split Key Cup Drug Test?

Before we go over the benefits of this drug test, we first need to understand what it is. The EZ Split Key Cup Drug Test is a test that allows you to check your drink for any signs of tampering. In the case of marijuana, THC can be placed into drinks or food, and then ingested by those who are unaware. This can lead to someone consuming too much marijuana and suffering from what’s known as marijuana poisoning. Marijuana poisoning can lead to a number of issues such as respiratory arrest, coma, or even death depending on how much was taken.

How is Marijuana Poisoning Caused?

Because marijuana can be added to any type of drink, food, or even medicine (such as pain killers) it’s very easy for an individual to consume too much. It’s important to note that this test only checks for the presence of THC – the active ingredient in marijuana. While some may argue that there are other harmful substances present in marijuana and therefore these tests don’t accurately measure the amount being ingested, this is simply not true. The active ingredient in marijuana has over 60 different byproducts and compounds that can be extracted from the plant, including THCA and CBDA (both of which are toxic).

How Does the EZ Split Key Cup Drug Test Work?

The key to the EZ Split Key Cup drug test is the way it’s taken. The test is performed by placing a special key into a drink, food, or medicine. A split key allows for samples to be tested individually and taken out of the body at different times – meaning that there’s no way to tamper with them while they’re in the body. This means that you’re not ingesting any THC until you’ve actually consumed it in your drink. When you’ve completed your drink, you then finish consuming and can start all over again from the beginning with another sample. As long as you don’t tamper with the key, and actually wait until your drink or food is completely consumed, you’ll never have a chance of ingesting too much THC.

Is This Test Safe?

The EZ Split Key Cup Drug Testing test is designed to be safe and non-invasive. Unlike traditional blood tests that can cause adverse effects such as bruising or hemorrhaging (and can therefore be dangerous), the EZ Split Key Cup Drug Test doesn’t use any needles and doesn’t involve any blood being drawn. With this test, all you need to do to ensure your safety is simply wait until your regular drug testing time has come and then finish with a sample of your own.


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