BLACKPINK Lightstick is a battery-powered LED light stick that appears to be similar to a flashlight, but according to InStyle magazine, it’s “a mini disco in your hand.” It makes for an excellent nightlight and can also be used as an emergency flashlight. Every volume of the BLACKPINK Lightstick comes with different colors that change depending on what music you’re listening to!

The reasons why we love this product are endless. This lightstick is perfect for those who are always on-the-go because it doesn’t need any wires or batteries — just plug it in and charge via USB. The device also offers multiple functions as it can be used as a music player or just a simple flashlight.

Lightsticks have proven to be extremely useful in the past, and now BLACKPINK Lightstick is an essential item for every BLACKPINK fan! Mark, one of the biggest overseas online retailer in Korea, currently has a range of products for sale including BLACKPINK Lightstick. In addition, they provide product support in ten different languages making it easy for international fans to order from them.

If you’re interested in buying BLACKPINK Lightstick you can check out Mark’s official website by clicking here.

Not only do they provide different colors but the device also comes with the members’ signatures on it! We’ve compiled a list of some of the reasons why we love BLACKPINK Lightstick.

  1. The gorgeous colors that make up BLACKPINK’s official logo are included: ㅡ Red, green, and pink: The core color of their official logo. ㅡ White: A girl’s purity color. ㅡ Black: Black represents darkness which makes it the opposite of light.
  2. The mini size makes it perfect for a night light: ㅡ It can fit in your pocket comfortably.
  3. It’s extremely portable! You can carry this anywhere you want.
  4. The battery compartment can also be used to store other small items such as your earrings or keys. Even if you don’t use it as a flashlight, you’ll still be able to use it as the space on the back of the lightstick is large enough for a keychain!
  5. The range of colors it comes with can also be used to decorate your room.
  6. The rechargeable battery allows you to use the lightstick for a long time: ㅡ It’s very small, so it’s easy to pack it on trips or just keep it on hand when you need a flashlight.
  7. For those who are worried about it getting broken, we have good news! If dropped or thrown against the wall, the device won’t break due to its sturdy design! Your lightstick will still remain in one solid piece once dropped on the floor. This is a problem you’d usually have with a regular flashlight because their wires can get broken easily.
  8. It’s perfect as an emergency light: ㅡ You can plug it in to an outlet or play music via the USB port and turn it into a portable nightlight. ㅡ The lightstick can also be used as a flashlight by clicking on the power button once. If you click on it twice, the lightstick will continuously flash until you click it again to turn it off.
  9. Lightsticks are reusable! ㅡ As long as you use batteries, you can continue using the lightstick even after its initial charge runs out! This is another reason why travelers love this product because they can use it when they’re in need of a flashlight!
  10. BLACKPINK Lightstick is easy to use! ㅡ You can charge it simply by plugging it into your computer or laptop via the USB cord. ㅡ Once the lightstick is fully charged, you’ll be able to use it for 8 hours without having to charge it again.
  11. The LED lights that surround the power button are very useful! ㅡ If you have a hard time seeing in the dark, all you need to do is press this button and turn your BLACKPINK Lightstick into a mini-flashlight! It’s also very helpful for those who have trouble walking in dimly lit areas because they can carry the lightstick with them wherever they go!


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