There is a new trend in double eyelid surgery!
It is called the ‘double eye lid tape’ technique. It is the latest in lower priced, less invasive way of getting double eyelids.
To do, you have to put on some liquid glue (available at your local pharmacy) on both of your upper lids and wait for it to dry before applying the tape. The idea here is that when you close your eyes, the glue will stick to your skin and create a crease that looks like a Double eyelid.
You can also use this technique to make yourself look more awake or as part of makeup routine for dramatic effect.
The tape is also not visible when the eyes are open so you can go about your daily routine without having to worry that people will see your double eyelid tape.
It takes us less than an hour to do this, and the effects last four to five days before you have to reapply a new layer of glue.
After removing the tape, you may experience some skin irritation, but that is common after double eyelid surgery as well. You can apply some eye drops until your skin heals and use makeup to cover up any redness.

We also post a video on how to apply double eyelid tape on ourselves
It is possible to do this yourself with patience but you need a steady hand and steady nerves. In the morning, before applying and removing the tape, it is best to have someone else look at so that you don’t make any mistakes or have your eyelids not stick properly to the tape. It is easier to do this if you have someone else applying it for you, but it is not necessary to have someone else do it for you. But for the first timer, it may be better if someone else helps.
In the end, we are happy with our results and that this technique has helped us create a beautiful double eyelid line.
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