Did you know that a support group may help you with your recovery better than if you were to go at it alone? There are so many benefits to community-based programs. A group setting eliminates the need for one-on-one counseling. 

It gives you more time to talk about the things on your mind and gather feedback from others . Group members encourage one another to move forward in their lives. A support group helps keep up the   sense of accountability, and they are also a source of support and hope when one of them is feeling down.

According to experts, group therapy is one of the most effective ways of recovering from an addiction. Group recovery sessions provide addicts with insights into their actions, thoughts, and feelings by offering a safe environment for expression and acceptance.

A support system is always accessible

Drug and alcohol addiction are destructive and hard to overcome without the right help. For some people, the right help may mean undergoing a residential treatment program where they can get intensive therapy and support. 

However, that isn’t always an option, neither should it be. Some people just need a bit of counseling help to get back in the right frame of mind to avoid relapsing. You also might choose outpatient care because you either don’t have the time or money to go and check yourself into rehab. 

Whether you are interested in intensive care or the outpatient service, either way, you can avail the recovery-facilitating services of the Serenity at Summit, if you so choose. The facility also offers alternative options and a whole gamut of other recovery services, including the various therapies. 

One of the best options to get the support you need for your addiction is to join a support group. It’s affordable and flexible, and it lets you interact with others who are going through similar problems. 

How do support groups make a difference on your path to recovery?

A support group is a way for people to connect with others who have been through similar bouts of addiction, recovery, or relapse.

Support groups help individuals who have gone through similar experiences to come together and offer each other encouragement and companionship. If you or someone you love suffers from addiction, substance abuse, or mental distress, attending a support group can be an option worth considering.

You need support for your fight against addiction. One of the many positives of a support group is that it can make you feel supported in your struggle. Within the support group, people share their unique experiences and stories to help others realize the pitfalls along the road to recovery. 

Support groups show us how to live and heal from the effects of addiction, while teaching us tried and tested coping strategies of overcoming negative life events and problems. 

Here are some reasons why joining a support group is important for recovery:

1. Emotional Support

No matter what kind of addiction you’re dealing with, your mental health will suffer. Addiction can make you feel depressed or anxious—feelings that can make it harder for you to recover from substance abuse. 

A support group provides you with an outlet to vent feelings. Depression and anxiety, and drug use often coexist, one feeding the other. So, when you process your anxiety and depression, you can eliminate the need for drug use.

2. Motivation for Change

When you join a support group, it’s usually because there are other people there who have similar goals as you do — namely, overcoming addiction.

3. You Realize You’re Not Alone

One of the most powerful aspects of recovering with a support group is the fact that you are surrounded by people who understand exactly what you’re going through. It can be hard to relate your story to people who haven’t undergone recovery or who haven’t experienced addiction. 

In support groups, however, it’s easier to relate to all the other recovering addicts and find genuine support among them. When you see other people going through the same circumstances as you, their determination to still make progress in their fight against addiction can fill you with hope.

If you are suffering from an addiction, your struggle to recover might make you feel lonely. It is this overwhelming loneliness that often becomes cause for relapse.

But in a support group, you get to meet others on the same journey and with similar issues as you. 

Even if their substance abuse is different from yours, the psychology and nature of addiction remains similar, and you can still extract insightful lessons from their addiction stories. 

4. You Get Valuable Feedback

Support groups are about sharing stories and discussing your feelings, but they can go beyond that as well. Group members give each other advice and feedback based on their individual experiences. 

This gives you an opportunity to learn from your peers’ own struggles. They can even help you with struggles that you haven’t personally gone through yet by offering you strategies to keep you firmly committed to recovery. 

Why support groups are more helpful than therapy or counseling

If you’re like most people, then you’ve probably been told throughout your life that it’s best to avoid talking about your problems and simply keep a stiff upper lip.

However, when it comes to substance abuse or addiction recovery, this rule doesn’t really hold true. In fact, talking about the issues you face during recovery can be beneficial for your emotional health and overall well-being.

Perhaps one of the best ways for you to talk about your problems is by joining a local support group for recovery. These groups are joined by other people who are working on their own sobriety and can help provide you with the emotional support, encouragement, and advice you need in order to stay sober.


In addition to therapy and counseling, support groups are an important part of the addiction recovery program. These programs have helped countless others overcome their addictions. The above-mentioned reasons should suffice for you to join a support group for your recovery.


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