The Reusable Antiviral Face Mask is a product that you can use to shield yourself from the flu, colds, and any other virus. It’s great for traveling or if you’re near someone who is sick. The company says it provides up to 100% protection against airborne viruses such as rhinovirus (aka: the common cold), adenovirus (a cause of respiratory infections like pneumonia), influenza A and B, coronavirus (responsible for SARS) and more! This mask offers a good alternative to disposable masks because it’s reusable!

This face mask does not require batteries, straps or elastic – just some tape which comes with the package so there are no extra purchases necessary. It also has a small vent which prevents the wearer from feeling claustrophobic.

Reusable and doesn’t require batteries or straps!

Prevents you from getting claustrophobic while wearing it due to its small vents on each side of the mask.

Saving money because it lasts much longer than disposable masks! It’s also cheaper in the long run, only costing about $12 USD for two packs – one pack will last around 50 days if used every day (around 500 uses)! Preferably buy more when they go on sale as well for savings!!

For those who don’t want their hands all over their faces? This is perfect since there are no elastic bands that have contact with your skin.

It’s also extremely breathable yet provides sufficient protection against the flu and colds. With its antimicrobial features, it can be washed in a washing machine or dishwasher to prevent bacteria buildup which can lead to infections!

It has these little vent holes on each side of the mask, which can ensure that you feel fresh and comfortable all day long.

You’ll notice it’s also much nicer to wear than paper masks! No more itching or your face feeling wet from sweat – not ideal when we’re trying to avoid germs in the first place.

It is a Reusable antiviral face Mask designed for people who want something different than disposable fabric masks. This product comes with antimicrobial features and ventilation holes for breathability, but it does cost more upfront (about $12 USD per pack). For those wanting to save money in the long run, this is perfect because one pack will last around 50 days if used every day, and that’s just for one person.

How to buy a reusable antiviral face mask online

Masks are an important tool in fighting influenza and other illnesses.

Reusable masks can help with this by cutting down on waste and excess packaging that is cluttering up landfills, oceans, and our homes. – These types of masks have many benefits including being easier to clean between uses than traditional disposable ones. They also last for more days before needing replacement than typical paper or cloth masks used once then thrown away after use.

There are different types of masks to choose from depending on personal preference but most people find they prefer those made of cloth or rubber.

There are many companies that make reusable masks and it’s important to purchase one from a reputable company with good reviews because masks can be costly for something you may only use a few times before throwing away.

Reusable masks should not be used more than once per day as this will decrease the effectiveness of both the mask itself, and your health protection if using these for influenza prevention. It is recommended to clean them in between uses by washing them with soap and water then letting dry completely before reuse again so any bacteria left on there won’t get re-introduced into your environment.

The best way to care for these types of products long term is through proper cleaning but also storing in an area with little to no light.

This is because UV and sunlight can cause deterioration of the mask, so keep it in a dark place or put it inside another container that has been properly cleaned out such as an empty plastic baggie.

Reusable masks should be used for up to one year before replacing them if you take care of your products by cleaning and storing appropriately.

Now onto my review: I really enjoy using this product! It’s comfortable on the face but also blocks air well enough where you don’t feel like you’re breathing through something too thin or flimsy which makes me more confident when going into environments with people who are sick. And even though these types of masks need some special care in order to preserve them, I’m not really worried about the fact that it will need to be replaced soon. It’s comfortable and breathable enough where you can wear these masks for a long period of time without feeling too limited or constrained. And this is important because when wearing one, you still want to maintain your normal daily life activities like eating food or checking social media on your phone while at work (assuming they are covered in some way).


The Reusable Antiviral Face Mask is a smart investment for those who are concerned about the spread of viruses. With so many airborne respiratory illnesses going around, you can’t be too careful! We’re excited to offer this product at our store and we hope that it will help provide protection against these pesky viruses!


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