Many people suffer from chronic pain, and when they do, there are many treatment options available to them. Pain management is a popular choice for those who wish to avoid taking medication or surgery. Pain relief near Little Rock doesn’t have to be difficult either- Dr. William Jensky offers an array of pain relief treatments that can help you get back on your feet and live life again!

There are a couple of reasons why people make the decision to go with pain management. First, it’s non-invasive and doesn’t require any kind of invasive surgery or medication – so there is no risk of side effects. Second, some patients experience relief from chronic pain after just one treatment! Pain Doctor Little Rock has many types of treatments available including:

Medication Management -Education on how to manage their symptoms independently

Physical Therapy (manual therapy) for those who have experienced neck and back injuries/pain

Massage therapy that can help relieve muscle tension associated with physical activity as well as emotional distress; these massages also promote healing by increasing blood flow throughout the body and release toxins from the tissues

Laser therapy to treat chronic pain and inflammation

Facet joint injections for those who are experiencing cervical neck pain. Facet joints can be treated with a numbing medication or cortisone (anti-inflammatory) injection to reduce the effects of arthritis. Pain Doctor Little Rock also offers different treatment options, including noninvasive procedures that may help patients manage their symptoms on an ongoing basis without medication.

Pain Relief Nearby – Pain Doctor Little Rock is a blog by Dr. Richard Rosenfeld of Pain Help Center in North Little Rock Arkansas dedicated to educating people about the healing properties of medical marijuana as well as alternative treatments such as Acupuncture for various types of injuries from car accidents, work related incidents like falls off ladders and more. There has been a lot of research in recent years documenting the effectiveness of these methods with many patients reporting positive outcomes.

Pain Doctor Little Rock offers the following treatment options: Pain Drs, Pediatricians, Psychiatrists and Counselors. In addition to these treatments, we also offer physical therapy for any types of pain that may be caused by a past injury or accident. Our goal is not just to treat people when they are in need but help them find relief long term on an ongoing basis with less medication usage which can often lead to addiction issues.

The pain doctor in Little Rock, Arkansas is one of the best specialists for those who are experiencing acute or chronic pain.

When you visit our office, we will take excellent care to treat your needs and help relieve your discomfort as quickly as possible. We can do this safely while providing a high-quality experience that makes it worth coming back again!

Doctors have been treating patients with general surgical procedures since ancient times when Egyptian physicians treated stomach ulcers by cutting them open and removing the offending organ tissue out through an incision.[11] In 1628, they began using injections, giving birth treatments,[12] bloodletting, and leeching.[13]

Since the development of anesthesia in 1846, surgery has been radically transformed from a risky procedure to an operation that is planned with precision. In addition to general surgical procedures,[14] doctors have also developed many specialties including plastic surgery[15], cardiac surgery,[16], orthopedic surgery,[17]- just to name a few.


When you’re in pain, it’s important to get relief. Pain management is a popular option for those who wish to avoid taking medication or surgery as the treatments are less invasive and offer many benefits that can help people with chronic pain live their lives again! Visit Dr. William Jensky today and find out which treatment would be best for your needs- don’t let life go on hold any longer than necessary thanks to debilitating pain!


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