Covid-19 has been a very unfortunate event for everyone, not just those involved in the lifeworld. It’s tough to believe that there is any section or rank within this society which hasn’t been affected by some aspect of it–whether they be senior citizens with old age issues at home due their medical conditions being untreated because no one can afford them anymore; children trapped indoors after getting sick from too much time spent playing outside during childhoods when you should’ve had schoolwork done earlier than ever before so now your grades will never matter again if things go south later down

The childhood that wandered around fearlessly in parks and localities is now cramped between the four walls due to Covid-19.

Schools were shut with this outbreak at the end March but by April, they devised plans for an online mode of education which children agreed upon somehow during those times until July when schools sent out schedules listing classes available only through that channel. The little ones spent much time together playing outside before everything changed forever because someone thought it would be funner if we’re all alone instead…

The schools have to pay their staff and charge fees from the students, but amongst all this is a childhood lost due to our pandemic where no one seems bothered. How do these children who are used to being surrounded by open parks concentrate for 9 hours straight in online classes without any playtime or friend gatherings? It’s quite an intriguing question.

The Ministry of Education and other institutions that claim to work for achieving better standards in India .

Despite this it seems neglectful towards children from primary classes. There could be many reasons behind this, but one major reason is because students at secondary schools have access through social media where they regularly comment on government policies while those attending pre-primaries can’t convey their message even though teachers or parents do so instead

When countries all around the world are concerned about their students’ mental health, our education system does not care. The primary level is neglected because results take time and this sphere prepares for coming years; it’s disheartening that schools run on their own terms – merging sections or running many classes in one day with little attention given to meeting student needs.

The curriculum is the only objective of most school systems and parents still believe that completing it should be enough for students. 

They try to force as much information into a child’s head whether they want or not, which has led some educators in certain countries like Brazil where teachers have been caught hitting children when their grades weren’t good enough by kicking them under desks . This type of behavior was found out because there are no regulations around what goes on inside classrooms so long ago – leading many people concerned about this issue such as myself wondering why nobody cares anymore?

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Schools should be able to use this time well. 

They can focus on teaching new skills and learning material for when they resume work, instead of just having children do extra assignments all day long without much guidance from teachers or parents as is often seen nowadays in some countries with high rates of unemployment such as Greece where many young people cannot find jobs despite their qualifications because there isn’t enough demand yet so businesses won’t hire them which means international competitiveness suffers. 

With the constant rise of online education, schools are now able to provide more quality time for their staff. With this new found freedom and capacity they should figure out ways on how best use it while also not neglecting what needs attention during these trying times in our society. Teachers compilation study material that can be used when classes resume later this year will help expansion skillset

This is a huge problem for schools and the government needs to take action. 

There are many that will struggle with Covid-19, but it’s not just them – all industries could suffer because of their lack of preparedness! The country is in need of a new educational system and it would be beneficial for the government to invest time into finding solutions. The blog post goes on to mention how they’ve put together a free spreadsheet that you can use as a guide for getting started on your own marketing strategy for how to sell courses online Before I get into this one too much, here’s the same article introduction in its entirety: “Want to sell online courses.


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