There is nothing like too many pairs of jeans in a woman’s wardrobe. No matter how many styles and cuts of denim pants women own, they are always ready to purchase one more. And why not? Denim pants are one of the most versatile clothing articles. 

Markets are overwhelmed with the variety of jeans available, making it difficult for women to choose. Moreover, denim trends change very often, putting women in denim anxiety. On the other hand, some jean styles may become outdated and diminish a fashionista’s overall look. Additionally, women need to keep their body structure, climate, and occasion in mind while shopping.  They are often in a fashion dilemma while shopping for jeans.

So, if you want to learn more about various styles of jeans that every woman must have in her wardrobe, continue reading. Below we have listed some must-have denim styles you should own: 

Straight Pants

Aside from other stylish jeans, a woman’s wardrobe is incomplete without straight-cut pants. The style is comfortable and effortless to carry. With a simple button-down shirt or a funky t-shirt, you can easily wear straight-cut jeans anywhere. Besides, contrary to popular ideas, straight pants are perfect for all body types. Women with plump bodies can look for plus size straight leg jeans and pull off the look anytime, anywhere.  

Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans hug your body and appear super chic. They have been in fashion for a long time and do not seem to go away anytime soon. Women can easily pair these jeans with a peplum, crop top, or blouse. 

You can easily don your skinny jeans with a fancy blouse for a night out or a brunch, pair it with a printed shirt or keep the look plain for everyday wear.  Skinny jeans can be your safest choice when you do not have much time to dress up but want to look stylish. 

Boyfriend Jeans

While you may not want to deal with boyfriend issues, you must not deprive your wardrobe of a cool pants style. Boyfriend jeans are loose and baggy but do not give a messy look. As the name implies, it gives an impression that you are wearing your boyfriend’s jeans, which are a little loose on you but have a unique style. Women with thicker thighs can confidently don this as it conceals any extra fat without making you appear dull.


The fashionista in you will love the tight, soft, and stretchable feeling that jeggings give. The clever blend of jeans and leggings is trendy as women have a sense of ease in them. Jeggings must be of the exact right size as a little shorter will look awkward, and longer kills the overall look. 

No rule states what to wear with jeggings; however, we suggest you opt for longer tops in winters because of the soft and light material. Wear a long coat, a funky overall, or a cardigan over jeggings, and complete your look. 

Low Waist Jeans

Another must-have in pants is low-waist jeans, which are perfect to sport a casual look. The jeans sit right above the hips and are often paired with crop tops, revealing some skin. You can wear them with a half-opened cardigan or raise the style quotient by teaming them up with street-style accessories. A high neck crop top with a statement necklace and no earrings are ideal to go with low waist pants. 

High waist Jeans

High waist jeans disappeared in the last decade; the reviving trend is a la mode and making a full circle. Women worldwide are embracing the style and love the look. Wear this style of pants with high heels. High waist jeans give an illusion of more height, and high heels make you feel elevated. Crop tops go well with high waist pants and instantly lift the aura. The best part is it covers belly fat and accentuates your curves. 

Ripped Pants

Ripped pants have been around for a while, and they are here to stay. Women have always loved experimenting with their clothes, and the trend of ripping pants has become everyone’s favorite. You can easily shop ripped pants in your favorite color or take a blade and create your style. Rip it from the thigh, around the knee, one leg, or both; it is your choice. Ripped denim pants are another chic jeans style that complements almost all types of tops.

Bootcut Jeans

A slight flare at the bottom, but not overall baggy, bootcut jeans are for all body types. Many women think that bell-bottom jeans and bootcut pants are the same; however, there is a slight difference. Bootcut pants give a little flare at the bottom, providing an illusion of a towering height. To flaunt the bottom wider part, wear it with a pair of high heels. Bootcut jeans are ideal for everyday wear, and with a blazer, they help you exude a professional vibe. 

Capri Pants

You do not necessarily have to cover your entire legs while wearing jeans. Capri jeans are for you if you want a different pants style and do not mind flaunting your legs. They are ideal for summertime. Wear a T-shirt, knot it up on the side and complete the look with a trendy cap. Sneakers blend well with this style of jeans and give you a swanky street style feel. You can even pair a sleeveless blouse or button-down shirt tangled up sideways with these denim pants. 

Flared Jeans

There are many ways to style women’s jeans. There are two types of patches that you can purchase in order to customise your jeans. The first type is the iron-on patch. This patch is easy to apply as you simply need to place it on the desired area of your jeans and then press it with an iron. The second type of patch is the sew-on patch. This patch requires you to sew it onto your jeans, but it results in a more durable finish. Whichever type of patch you choose, 4incustompatch makes it easy to purchase.


Women love pairing their jeans with different tops and sporting different styles. Jeans is one clothing article that dominates women’s wardrobe as ladies generally prefer wearing them on most occasions. Jeans come in many shades and styles and give women plenty of choices. 

The right pair of jeans can enhance your look and instantly uplift your mood. When markets overflow with denim style, you should not own only one pair of denim. Experiment with your look and purchase our earlier mentioned must-have jeans styles and make a super chic appearance everywhere you go.  


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