Technology has changed how we interact with other people and proven that we could virtually communicate with our loved ones even without leaving our homes. According to Mark Roemer Oakland, we should not use virtual meetings only during lockdowns or when a global pandemic strikes humanity. The value of participating in virtual meetings cannot be understated.  

The Benefits

Here are a few benefits of virtual meetings:

1. Virtual meetings are more effective in terms of cost and time – Anybody can participate in a virtual meeting from anywhere in the world with just an internet connection, a computer, webcam, mic, or just a smartphone. There is no need to waste any time or money packing bags, booking tickets for the travel and accommodation. It’s also much easier to track the duration of a digital meeting with the help of meeting trackers, which makes it easier to cost and schedule.

Due to this, it is also possible to conduct many short virtual meetings throughout the day instead of a long, boring one that may not be as productive.

2. It increases productivity and efficiency – Virtual meetings can be tiring but not as exhausting as traveling to a new location. It allows all the participants to directly communicate with each other and collaborate on important projects from the comfort of their homes. Video conferencing apps and software are pretty easy to use and very effective for sharing information without confusion. You can upload files and project your screen at the click of a button. There is no need to physically carry any documents or stand beside a huge screen to discuss a PowerPoint presentation.

Plus, there is less small talk and unnecessary pleasantries in virtual meetings.

3. It improves user participation – It is not possible for everybody to attend traditional meetings at all times due to time constraints and other factors. However, people are much more likely to attend a virtual meeting, sometimes, even at a moment’s notice. And, since it’s much easier to leave a virtual meeting without making the situation awkward, people are less likely to make an excuse for not attending it. 

Many people find virtual meetings more convenient since you can mute people you don’t want to listen to or communicate with individual users without making a fuss.

4. It’s safer than direct communication – When you participate in a virtual meeting, you don’t have to worry about interacting with somebody who may be sick with a virus or visiting a location that may be harmful to your health. You can simply focus on the agenda of the meeting since you don’t have to worry about your health. You also don’t have to worry about making somebody sick if you know you are ill. Plus, it contributes to the protection of the environment, since virtual meetings indirectly reduce carbon emissions and paper printing.


Mark Roemer Oakland believes that virtual meetings also help to humanize us since we can act more freely in our home and wear casual clothes. There is no need to act super-professional or maintain a reserved attitude like we are supposed to in an office environment.


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