The ever-growing world of social media has transformed the way we share information and communicate. Our skills to evaluate the growth and usage of social media are lagging. It is unfortunate to see some of the best minds being deteriorated and destroyed by being affected by the illusions of the social world. Social media sensations posting selfies and depicting a false image of a perfect life can lead some people to severe depression. The mode of entertainment seems to be shifting. People who used to enjoy exploring extensive channel line-ups like the one offered by Spectrum Silver for instance, where they used to absorb fun, knowledge, drama, sports and so much, now find themselves engulfed in the gigantic crowd of social media. We find more and more people around us distracted by social media, without realizing that either it is a stress response and often fuels our anxiety. So when there arises the question that is this virtual community making people dumb and turning them into social zombies then here is a quick analysis of the whole situation:

Is Social Media part of the problem?

Yes, indeed. The usage of social media has grown into an obsession. What we see is lost minds and distracted people. One of the core requirements of being successful is focus. We acquire what we focus on and set a goal, then we strive in that direction. With people, especially the younger minds scrolling through the social media accounts even passively, spending most of their time obsessing over fakes lives of celebrities and other individuals over social media, not just results in waste of their time but also damages their mind. Social media has become a bad internet habit. A dark kind of obsession that is increasing mental health issues and reducing the productivity levels of individuals. 

Language is degrading over Social Media

The social media world has developed its own set of slang and lingo that is becoming more common to the point that it affects your language. So when it comes to language, the answer is yes, social media is damaging it to some extent. The effect is more prominent for kids and teenagers who absorb the language and culture of social media to a greater extent. 

What can you do about it?

There is much that can be done to make social media useful to you, rather than getting dumb. First of all, control your social media habits. You need to schedule your time on social media and keep a close eye to minimize your distraction time. Keep your phone away while you are studying or working. Your mind does not like that kind of pressure and would encourage you to grab your phone and start browsing your social media accounts. You must have self-control and resist. And rest assured, it is worth it. That is how you are training your mind to not be distracted. Focus more on self-growth. Try to educate yourself by becoming a part of digital communities that have common career/professional goals and seize any opportunities you find credible. 

Know this-the online world is vast, vivid, rich, influencing, and powerful. It has its good and bad sides. You owe yourself this responsibility to choose what you think is credible and beneficial for you. Stop looking at it as merely a source of entertainment. You will end up getting depressed by fantasizing about the fake lives showcased by public figures most of the time, over their official social media accounts. It is natural to start comparing and judging yourself. 

Does it mean you should quit Social Media?

If social media is making you dumb and distracting you, does that mean that you should stay away from all these online communities? Are they worthless and a complete waste of time and attention. Are all digital connections of no use. These are the questions that hit our minds and are logical much, whenever we consider the negatives of social media. The answer is that digital communities are a real thing and they can help you a great deal when it comes to learning or growing a business. What matters is using these social media platforms for the right reasons and not letting them get you confused or depressed. It is more around finding the digital clan that can help you grow, learn and become better. Seek digital connections over social media that inspire you and have common interests. 

Wrapping Up,

Whether you want social media to turn you into a dumber person and distract you, or you want it to support your ambitions and use it as a tool to chase your goals in life, is your choice. Make sure you do some self-evaluation, stay mindful and keep a balance, to not get lost in this gigantic world of social media. 


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