If you are a fan of dirt bikes, you would know that one of the simplest and most affordable ways to significantly improve the performance and aesthetic appeal of your bike is to install a set of high-quality, aftermarket clutch and brake levers. Unlike the uniform and unvarying stock levers, aftermarket levers offer a huge amount of variety and flexibility in terms of features, shape, and design. This is one of the major reasons for their popularity.  

To a great extent, the quality of the aftermarket levers will regulate the durability and performance of your dirt bike. An aftermarket clutch perch or brake lever can be manufactured by any company, big or small. Therefore, unlike with stock levers, there is much variation in the price and quality of aftermarket levers and parts. 

A fragile and inflexible clutch perch or lever can limit the maneuverability and durability of the vehicle. On the other hand, a set of well-designed folding levers can enhance safety and durability at little extra cost. Folding levers are extremely flexible, which prevents them from breaking apart when the dirt bike meets with an accident. Apart from being durable, they also have the advantage of being more stylish and visually appealing than stock levers. 

A Guide for Installing Aftermarket Bike Levers

While a set of high-quality aftermarket clutch and brake levers can offer a number of benefits, they need to be properly installed, cleaned, and maintained if they are to deliver their best performance. Therefore, it is important for you to properly know how to install a clutch perch or folding lever on your dirt bike. Some of the steps involved in the installation process have been mentioned below for your convenience.

  1. Removing the Stock Levers

A straight-blade screwdriver, an adjustable wrench, and some pliers are some of the tools you will need to install the new, aftermarket folding levers in your motorbike. First, the stock clutch and brake levers will have to be removed before the new clutch perch and levers can be installed. Usually, you will have to follow a largely similar process to first remove the pivot bolt and then the clutch and brake levers, because both the levers work in very similar ways. 

  1. Disconnecting the Cable

You will need a cable adjuster to disconnect the clutch perch from the dirt bike, after having removed the pivot bolt and set it aside for later use. This will help you disconnect the stock levers by safely detaching the adjustment housing from the cable wire. Once this is done, the stock levers can be carefully and slowly pulled out from the clutch perch. The cable barrel can then be easily detached from beneath the stock levers, which have previously been separated from the mount. 

  1. Assembling the New Lever

One of the most important steps in this process is bringing together all the several small gears and components that comprise the clutch and brake systems of a dirt bike. When all the components have been assembled, a reliable thread-locking adhesive can be used to hold them together and prevent them from getting dislodged and misplaced. A plunger barrel and a brand new bushing for the clutch lever are some of the components you will need to have at hand when installing the new levers.  

  1. Installing on the Bike

After completing the process of assembly, you have to carefully position the cable barrel beneath the new lever before dropping the primary pivot bolt into the lever frame. Sliding the fully gathered lever into the lever frame system is another step that you will have to complete. The new aftermarket clutch and brake levers will then be fixed onto the dirt bike with the help of the original pivot bolts, which will be tightened to make them more secure. 

  1. Inspecting the Results

After the installation is complete, an extra round of inspection and double-checking will help you ensure that the newly installed aftermarket folding levers are perfectly functional and ready for use. The agility of the neutral kill switch, the binding issues, the response time of the brake lights, and the smooth functioning of the levers are some of the aspects that might require inspection for the optimal functioning of the dirt bike. 

Concluding Note

When purchasing aftermarket folding levers for your dirt bike, you should be sure to only buy them from a reputed and trusted manufacturer of aftermarket auto parts. You should look up some of the best manufacturers of clutch and brake levers in your area, before making a final decision. 


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