Getting on your bicycle is enjoyable for more than just getting from A to B without paying for gas. It is about the power and energy of moving as fast as you want with the wind as your support or enemy, depending on your position. The physical fitness that accompanies a great ride is a key part of why you are out there and can have added benefits if paired with some simple ideas. Here are some ways to get the most effect from your bike ride.

  1. Fuel Up

Before you hit the road or trail, be sure to fill your body with the fuel it needs to be energized, healthy and safe. Eating nutrient-rich foods with protein and amino acids, hydrating with water or other fluids that nourish your body or engaging in the thrive experience will give you the energy you need to accomplish your riding goals. The exercise you do will enhance the effects of the good things you put in your body and will combine for better overall health. If you want to get the most out of the time you put into your ride, choose food and fluid that feed every body system. Preparing your body with stretches, proteins and carbohydrates is just as important as checking your tires and other gear to make sure everything is in fine working order for an awesome ride.

  1. Use Mother Nature

You can utilize techniques on your ride to help get more from your time on the road. If you want to build strength, ride into a headwind. This will push your muscles farther in a short amount of time so you will get more from your effort. Use crosswinds or tailwinds to recover and give your legs a break. Use hills to train on for building endurance and enjoy the natural terrain and beautiful views that mother nature offers those who prefer exercising outside instead of in a gym. It is easy to track your progress as you get stronger and your ability increases if you use the same route. As you increase your power, try parts of the hill ride in higher gears. Combining the challenge of a hill in a higher gear twice a week will increase both power and endurance.

  1. Finish Strong

Before you started you had healthy food to fuel your body for a great ride, during the ride you replenished your system with snacks and drinks, so to get the most out of your ride, you need to finish strong with choices that will help your body recover and benefit from the exercises. Chocolate milk gives your muscles the protein to carbohydrate combination they need after a ride for glycogen replacement. To support muscle repair, add curcumin to the next dish you make after a ride. Crab and scallops have high protein content that enhances tissue repair and can be a wonderful way to celebrate a long, successful ride. For your sweet tooth, you can treat yourself to maple syrup on a favorite food to restore sugar levels. For that satisfying crunchy snack, cut up some celery and gain the desired nitrate levels for restoring and maintaining energy.

When you combine great exercise with smart food choices you give your body the best circumstances for achieving a healthy weight, building strong muscles and boosting confidence in yourself and your abilities. Riding your bicycle can supply this winning combination as well as a wonderful lifestyle for exercise, community and adventure. Sharing habits, meals and information as well as seat time with your fellow riders can make it easy to make positive changes to your routines. If you fill your body with good nutrients before your ride, like a shake, use forces of nature like wind and hills to increase your strength and build power and then finish with foods and drinks that will replenish your energy, then you are getting the most out of your cycling ride.


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