Depression is one of the major mental health diseases which is common among people of all ages. According to the statistics published by the World Health Organization, almost 264 million people are suffering from depression globally. The stats also showed that women are more depressed than men and this depression can cause serious mental disability.

Depression is majorly caused by excessive sadness and it may lead to low motivation and lack of interest in things. During the start of this month, I was worried and hopeless in quarantine that leads to depression. Therefore on the recommendation of my friend I contacted the top psychiatrists in Karachi and they helped me by prescribing me the number of tips instead of medicines.

6 Effective Ways for Coping with Your Depression

 These tips helped me a lot to survive the quarantine and curing my depression. During these days I slept a lot and ate healthily. Besides this, I engaged myself in productive work. Let’s read about these 6 effective ways that helped me to cope with the depression.

1.       Develop a Strong Support Network

If you have friends that hold your back and listen to you without criticizing you then you are the luckiest person in this world. And in case you don’t have such friends then it’s time to change your friend circle. You can’t fight this monster by yourself therefore you need a supportive friend or family member around you.

Therefore whenever you feel sad call your best friend and share what you are going through. Besides friends and family, you can also avail the services of your nearby doctor.

2.       Improve Your Sleep

Depression can lead to sleep deprivation that ultimately promotes other mental health diseases like anxiety and panic attacks. Therefore it is important to sleep well. Of course, it would be difficult for you to sleep with the depressing thoughts that is why you have to clear up your mind before going to the bed. Try to get 8 hours of sleep and drink hot milk before going to bed.

3.       Avoid Procrastination

Procrastination is the enemy of productivity therefore you have to avoid procrastination. If you are a person who has the habit of doing things on the spur of the moment then change this habit and try to make your routine and carry out your tasks in time. Procrastination also causes depression.

Therefore keep a diary and write your daily goals, tasks, and deadlines. Try to complete your tasks before the deadline.

4.       Develop Good Nutrition

Sleeping well is not the only thing that you have to add to your to-do list but also add a healthy diet in your plan. Eating unhealthy food can lead to depression. According to the 2012 research study, deficiency of important nutrients like zinc in the body is also the reason for depression.

Food that is rich in zinc includes meat, poultry, nuts, and seafood. Add these foods in your daily diet plan for overcoming depression.

5.       Learn To Curb Negative Thoughts

If you can master your thoughts you can do anything. Curbing the negative thoughts is not easy however by using some tactics you can replace these thoughts with the positive ones. To master your thoughts you can take the help of self-help books, apps, and courses by well-known people. With the help of these, you can build your healthy thinking patterns.

6.       Reduce Your Stress Levels

Stress can cause depression and anxiety therefore you have to learn about managing the stress. You can take the help of self-help books and meditating exercises like yoga. Yoga is best for controlling stress and depression. You can take yoga classes online or just join the gym. This way you also have the chance to build relationships with new people.

Summing Up

Depression is a major mental health disease form that many people are suffering from therefore you have to take the help of your friends and family to fight against it. You can use all of the above-mentioned practices for coping with depression. Besides these tips also avoid alcohol consumption as it increases the sadness and you may create worse mental health issues. Moreover, it is also better to take the help of professional doctors.


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